11 Team Building Ideas To Improve Collaboration And Team Performance

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There are different ways to hold a team building activity. While some drive out for miles and conduct theirs in scenic areas, others prefer more practical methods (like hosting free lunches or dinners and hiring a corporate catering company).

Want to try out holding a team-building event in your company’s cafeteria, or one that simply involves food? Here are 11 ideas to help you out.


Meal preparation is an effective avenue where employees can know the importance of designating roles and doing each of the responsibilities and tasks assigned to them.

Food tower

First, you should divide your employees into different teams. Then, using only uncooked spaghetti pasta and marshmallows, instruct them to build a food tower. The team with the highest tower wins.

Blindfolded food tasting

Invite a corporate catering company and have them prepare different sets of meals and beverages. Select representatives from different teams and let them taste the food and drinks. The one who guessed the most number of correct answers will be declared the winner.

Banana split relay race

Form different teams, and prepare different bowls each filled with banana split ingredients. The first players of the teams should split a banana and put it in a bowl. Then, they must pass it to the next players and those players should add only one ingredient. Do this cycle until the banana split is fully finished.

Pass the cereal

Each team should form a circle, with the members blindfolded and placed with a toothpick between their closed lips (or between their upper and lower teeth). They should pass a cereal from the first to the last member by transferring it through the toothpicks.

Chopsticks challenge

Each team should have a representative. He or she must transfer all the small pieces of food (e.g. M&Ms) placed in one bowl to an adjacent empty bowl only through the use of chopsticks.

Sweet tooth challenge

A more challenging game, this requires you to conduct a crash course in making desserts. Divide your employees into two groups and challenge them to create a dessert to be judged by a guest food connoisseur.

Cooking instruction puzzle

Select two to three meals and find their step-by-step cooking instructions. Write out each step of one meal into a strip of a paper and gather them in one bowl. Have your team rearrange all the instructions accordingly. The fastest team to do it correctly wins.

Ice sculpting

Bring out the artist in your employees by enrolling them an ice sculpting crash course. Let them create a masterpiece and have it judged by an expert in the field.


Though it may sound unconventional, you read this right. While a corporate catering company hosts your dinner, challenge your employees to create a song while they indulge in their food. Have them present their musical pieces after a certain period of time. Not only will your employees enjoy great food, but they’d also experience a unique musical showcase.

Office food garden

If you want a long-term activity, do this one. By growing an office garden, you are imparting the value of commitment to your employees. Once you harvest your produce, you can all share a hearty meal featuring office-grown foods.

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