2018 Toyota C-HR Review

The new Coupe High Rider from Toyota dubbed as 2018 Toyota C-HR is a beast on the road that you can trust. The car features a continuously variable automatic transmission system, standard safety technology that includes automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, forward-collision warning, an adaptive cruise control, and of course a lane-departure warning. All these features make the 2018 Toyota C-HR for sale in Baltimore a car to watch to try out. So, what makes this latest design from Toyota a standout?


The C-HR is pretty good regarding overall comfort, and you are assured to enjoy your ride even over long trips. The front seats provide excellent padding and support to keep you comfortable and relaxed for several hours. The fabric all breathes well in hot weather eliminating the need for regular cooling and ventilation.

The car delivers a comfortable ride since the smaller road imperfections are well taken care of. The simple climate controls are easy to operate which makes the overall performance of the car good. You may not feel the urge to adjust the controls once you set them.

Technology Used

Although Toyota has been lagging behind its competitors on matters technology, the 2018 Toyota C-HR for sale in Baltimore is an enhanced version of its previous models. The vehicle offers advanced safety features that are difficult to rival the driver assistance is also top-notch and something out of this world. Its audio system is quite impressive with some amazing clarity.

The control touchscreen that is strategically mounted on top of the dashboard is easy to read at a glance and tend to operate with minimal distraction which is a big plus for Toyota. The adaptive cruise control also works fine and will remain functional until the moment you stop the car engine from running.


Toyota opted for a simple interior design layout which makes the car’s interior quite attractive. The vehicle can comfortably accommodate adult passengers on all of its seats despite a few issues that may arise over time. The front passengers enjoy easy seat access which is facilitated by the slightly higher seating position. You don’t have to stoop down to seat comfortably.

There is also a lot of interior space compared to its competitors. The outward visibility is also on point thanks to the well-designed front roof pillars that are thin. Toyota used some quality materials to design the interior of the C-HR which exceeds the expectations of most people.

Trim Options

Toyota has made it so easy for people to purchase the C-HR since it’s only offered in two trim levels, the XLE and the XLE premium. The XLE trim level starts at approximately $23,500 while the premium level may cost up to $2,000 more but offers advanced features as well.

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