3 things to do in Lonavala with your kids

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Planning a short holiday with your family? Head to Lonavala for some kid-friendly fun.

Lonavala, a hill station in Maharashtra very close to Mumbai and Pune, is popular with tourists throughout the year. Whether it is to enjoy the rains when you can enjoy a fun time at the famous dams of Lonavala, the winter nip in the air that Mumbaikars badly miss in their city or some relief from the scorching heat in summer, you’ll never run out of reasons to visit this charming place.

Lonavala is particularly a lot of fun when visited with family. Being at such close proximity to two major cities in Maharashtra, people often head to the hill station for a quick break from the hustle-bustle of urban life. The picturesque nature of the town, the several activities one can indulge in and particularly, the famous dams of Lonavala, are some of the many reasons why this destination finds a lot of takers.

It is the ideal place to be when you’re looking to have a memorable holiday with your family. With its rich history and the promise of a lot of fun, children, in particular, find Lonavala very exciting. They are sure to love the time they spend at Bhushi, Pawna and the other famous dams of Lonavala.

Here are three fun things to do in Lonavala when you’re travelling with children.  


  • Visit the famous dams of Lonavala


Bhushi Dam, Valvan Dam, Tungarli Dam and the Pawna Dam are among the famous dams of Lonavala. These dams are very popular with tourists who visit them looking for a fun time with family and friends or just enjoy the soothing natural scenery.

Children, with the range of activities available at these dams, are going to love the time they spend here. It goes without saying that you keep a watchful eye over them when here especially during the rains.


  • Introduce kids to the rich history of Maharashtra


When not having a rocking time at the famous dams of Lonavala, help your children take pride in the rich Maharashtrian history and culture. Lonavala boasts of some of the most majestic historical forts in the state. Not just the children, even you will be spellbound by the magnificence of forts like Rajmachi Fort, Tikona Fort and Tunga Forts among many others. It will be a history lesson you will not be able to have enough of.


  • Indulge in some adventurous activities


Lonavala is an excellent destination if you and your children love an adventurous holiday. Trek to the Canyon Valley, camp on the banks of the Pawna Lake, enjoy a dip in the famous dams of Lonavala or even go hot air ballooning. You might run out of time to spend but you will never fall short of fun and thrilling things to do here.

Lonavala remains one of the most popular hill stations not just in Maharashtra but the country too. Monsoon, winter or summer, Lonavala attracts visitors throughout the year. Especially when you are holidaying with family and have children in tow, this hill station promises you an unforgettable time.  

Donald Phillips