4 Costly Water Leaks To Watch Out For

4 Costly Water Leaks To Watch Out For

Water is a precious commodity. It is what most of our bodies are made of and we need it not only to stay alive but we need it for basic living needs like washing clothes and dishes and taking showers and baths. Everyone needs it. But when you have leaks in your plumbing you are setting yourself up for disaster since plumbing leaks can cause major water damage, and it doesn’t always have to happen all at once.

Water damage can be slow and unnoticed. That’s why when you have a water leak, your home or business us at risk of major damage control, and that can be very costly. When you notice you have a water leak, call water damage Phoenix for help. They will determine the extent of your water damage and plan for clean up.

Leaking pipes under the sink:

Pipe leaks are usually not very noticeable. Many times it won’t ever be heard. If you aren’t home very much you may not even notice it at all. Most of the time when you do notice that you have a leak in the pipes under your sink, you find out that you have a serious problem.

When the wood under your sink gets wetter and wetter, then you have a breeding ground for mold. And, when mold takes a hold in a dark and warm place, it becomes a natural place for it to grow. A mold infestation is nothing to take lightly and it can play havoc with your health. Call a trained water damage professional to help you assess the extent of your problem.

Leaking toilets:

A toilet can leak easily. And since a toilet sits right on the floor of your bathroom, water can easily get into the floor. If you have tile, then you may not even notice it. Water damage at this point can be very expensive to repair, and toilet water is not necessarily clean.

So with water can be combined with bacteria from the toilet which is not a good combination. Have a trained water professional from water damage Phoenix help you determine the damage and a correct plan of action for removal and repair.

Bursting pipes from the winter weather:

Winter weather is here and it’s cold. Many people live in much colder areas and when it gets really cold they may experience their pipes freezing. When this happens pipes burst leaving water spewing everywhere.

This type of water damage happens quickly and it needs to be fixed quickly since large volumes of water can be affecting large areas of your home or business. A water damage professional will help you determine what can items can be saved and what needs to be discarded.

Hot water tank failures:

The large supply of water to your home or business runs through the water heater. Water heaters fail, and if they fail at the water supply, then water goes everywhere. Many times water heaters leak and fail when people aren’t around, and that water volume will be huge.

Getting rid of the volume of water will be a huge task, and the damage that it caused will also be great. Don’t take care of this overwhelming task yourself. Call a water damage professional.

Water damage is a major problem. It not just brings damage to your prized possessions and to your home or business, but it can wreak havoc to your health as well. You don’t want to tackle a job you’re not prepared to deal with. Call those with years of experience. Call water damage Phoenix today.

Sheri Croll