5 Reasons to Choose Woocommerce

5 Reasons to Choose Woocommerce

Are you looking for the best Ecommerce platforms for your online store? Are you planning to take your online store to next level with the best WordPress hosting plans?

When it comes to building an Ecommerce website, there are numerous platforms to choose from with their own pros and cons. You must have come across many leading names including Woocommerce. Are you wondering why Woocommerce is the most preferred eCommerce platform used by leading companies across the globe? 

WordPress is one of the preferred choices for powering websites and WooCommerce is one of the popular options of a plugin, which can be utilized to power online stores. Used by millions of Ecommerce stores around the globe, WooCommerce is simple and friendly for beginners as it is easy to use and features flexibility, ample customization options, and incredible power. There are numerous reasons why many stores use Woocomerce. Let’s explore the top reasons why one should select it.

  • Woocommerce is free –

Yes, you read it right. Several Ecommerce apps ranging from free to several thousand per year are out there. Cost is an important factor when it comes to business. WooCommerce is and will always be a free plugin for WordPress. Both WordPress and WooCommerce are open-source platforms, and thus, creating your site and using the software certainly means no cost. And this is surely a pretty good reason for its popularity. 

  • Woocomerce is simple and intuitive –

Woocommerce is easy to install and easy to use and this makes it the perfect option for beginners with no technical experience. It can be challenging to manage an online store. With Woocommerce, installing, configuring, and managing the processes becomes very easy. A well thought-out user interface is intuitive so that even a user with the least experience can use it in a hassle-free way. 

  • Woocommerce is flexible and scalable –

Unlike other options, WooCommerce is self-hosted and hence you can have full control over your website. It is highly scalable. You can also get several plug-ins to automate different tasks for you. Moreover, customizing the website as per your needs and clientele is very simple. You can customize the templates and change the layouts. WooCommerce is flexible and you can sell anything and everything including affiliate products, digital/physical items, virtual products, subscriptions, appointments, bookings, downloadable products and many more. Simply put, you can sell what you want and the way you want. It makes it possible for any business of any size and type to build their store successfully. 

  • Woocommerce is equipped with numerous features to run an Online Store- Packed with almost all features WooCommerce is a perfect option to run an online store successfully.

Here are some of those features:

  • Easy customization of the layout using themes
  • Add product categories, tags, and product attributes
  • Facilitate users to filter products by options like popularity, type of product, star rating, etc. 
  • Add product reviews to your products
  • Integrate multiple payment providers 
  • Extend the functionality of your online store with plugins
  • Woocommerce is optimized for Search Engine- 

SEO (search engine optimization) is a crucial aspect of a successful online business. Woocommerce is SEO-friendly. SEO features of Woocommerce meet the essential requirements and this helps ensure better prospects with higher rankings in the Google search results. 

There are several other reasons including compatibility. Woocommerce helps you create your store, manage it the way you want, while creating a hassle-free selling and buying experience. You can search and buy WordPress hosting plans that suit your needs to take your business to the next level.

Danny White