5 Reasons Why Seniors Consider Grenada an Ideal Retirement Destination

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Senior citizens today see retirement as a fresh beginning. It is the perfect opportunity to finally live the life of their dreams. After toiling through most of their adult life, their retirement is the ideal time to finally “live it up.”

One of the most common ways retirees create the life they have always wanted is moving to an entirely new place. With no work tying them down, they seek to start anew elsewhere. Many completely pack up and migrate to a different country. Meanwhile, some opt for dual citizenship.

And speaking of dual citizenship, there is a growing number of senior folks considering it as smart strategy for a more fulfilling retirement life. A large percentage of them opt for a second citizenship to a Caribbean nation such as Grenada because of the weather and way of life.

The Caribbean region has proven to be quite senior-friendly and Grenada, in particular, fits the pace of life that most older people prefer. Other than the weather and way of life, Grenada attracts retirees for other reasons, and five of them are listed below.

1. The visa situation is considerably easy.

Whether you want to move here completely or indefinitely, or equally split your time between Grenada and your original home country, procuring the visa that you want will be easier than in other countries.

In fact, there are companies that can help you expedite the process of visa application. They will not only assist you with the process but also fully enlighten you about the kind of life that you can have in Grenada. They educate their clients about investment opportunities, as well as the complete suite of perks for having dual citizenship in Grenada.

2. Luxurious apartments are quite affordable.

Your money can go a long way in Grenada, particularly when it comes to buying or renting a home. If you want a swanky home in the main beach or tourist areas such as Grand Anse and L’Anse Aux Epines, the monthly rate may just be set at USD 1,000, which is considerably more reasonable than in other resort cities in the world.

If you are not keen on living where it’s busy, you can expect to pay even less for a comfortable and spacious home up the island. It will be quieter and less congested if that’s what you want.

3. The locals are incredibly friendly.

Loneliness is one of the more serious concerns among the elderly. Not only does it affect their disposition, but it negatively impacts their overall quality of life. Living in Grenada decreases the likelihood of suffering from isolation or loneliness because the locals are very friendly. Head to your local grocer and you will always be greeted with a smile and great interest.

Also, if you want a little side job to keep you busy and mentally occupied, a lot of businesses are happy to hire for a day. Plus, a lot of expats that frequently travel look for pet-sitters. If you are already a resident, pet-sitting is not a demanding job at all, and can bring in a bit of income.

4. Island living promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Internet service all around the Island of Spice is rather good but most people find that the best types of amusement in Grenada can be had outdoors. Hiking is one of the most popular activities among locals and expats. Therefore, if you need to manage your weight to keep your medical concerns under control, you can benefit immensely from Grenada’s outdoor-centered brand of recreation.

‘Want to feel young again? Hang out with young people. You are welcome to join the Hash House Harriers over the weekends. Go hashing across the island with locals, expats, university students, and tourists. Hashing is a great way to stay active while having fun and meeting new people.

Most of the time, just living by the beach is enough to make you healthy. You are treated to fresh air and abundant sunshine. Long walks by the beach can easily be a daily activity.

5. Grenada is interesting and quirky.

If you love getting a load of amusement and humor out life, you can expect to get it from living in Grenada.

Do you know that locals named it the “church-state” because cussing is considered an offense? But, “car parties” are also common. Young people can just park their car somewhere and blast some tunes to launch a dance party. Also, rum is the liquor of choice for most locals even if they can get beer for just a dollar at the beach.

Older folks enjoy the quirks the Isle of Spice presents — they definitely make everyday life more interesting.

All in all, Grenada is a delightful slice of tropical paradise where life is meant to be enjoyed and relished in tranquility. It’s no wonder it is a popular destination for retirees — many of whom initially come for a vacation but eventually discover that it is where they want to spend the rest of their life or, at the very least, the rest of their winters.

Kal Kennard is a Partner at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.