6 Points That Matter In SEO

6 Points That Matter In SEO

If you try to break down the vast field of search engine optimization to its core, then there are necessarily six points that should be your primary focus. For sustainable success, it is essential to focus on these points discussed below. To achieve success in your website, you need search engine optimization as it gives you the basic and steps to ranking high on Google.

  • Keyword Analysis

At the beginning of every optimization is keyword analysis.

If you’ve chosen potential keywords based on a single catalogue criterion, before the actual optimization, like, the content creation, testing can be performed which ensures that desired clicks and also conversion rates are appropriately attained with the chosen keywords.

Even after initial optimization steps have been taken, it is essential to check regularly whether your own keyword set is still up-to-date or needs to be adjusted. External tools also help with this analysis. First and foremost, the own web analytics tool which shows the search terms and how much traffic is generated.

  • Visibility

After initial SEO actions, the position in the search engines should improve. This depends on the number of search terms a web page appears on search engines and also, on the positions you cover with those keywords.

  • CTR

Google Search Console and Google Analytics ensure ease in the evaluation for the market leader.

In fact, within SEO, you have many more choices besides the ranking itself to influence click-through rates. Some are exemplified below:

  1. Clear and tempting Basic Snippet title and page description attention-grabbing special characters in a snippet
  2. Clear and understandable URL design
  3. Extended snippets, so-called rich snippets, which take up more space and attract more attention supplemented by address, price, date, rating, etc. branded snippet at known and trusted brands
  4. Increase vertical integration in the search engine (image search, news, maps, etc.)
  5. Occupancy of additional positions through purchased advertising space (Google AdWords, Google Shopping, etc.)
  • Visitor Behaviour

Search engines analyse user signals and integrate it into its algorithms.

If a page loads too slowly, many users backtrack and prefer to call up the next search result. If one slays on the website of an ornate and confusing design, the dwell time is usually short. If it takes too long for the visitor to find the information he wants, for example, because he is hidden in a fantastic article, he seeks a more precise source of information.

To evaluate visitor behaviour, which is vital for the failure or the success of an SEO expert’s work, there are abound many useful tools like Google analytics which can surely help.

  • Target Achievement

All SEO efforts have failed if the previously defined goal has not been met. Depending on the website, this can be, for example, the successful purchase of products, registration for an event or participation in a raffle. What matters in the end, above all, is the conversion rate, which is also taken into account by the search engine.

Teresa Sabo