7 Reasons to hire a restaurant consultant

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There’s nothing wrong with possessing a strong desire take initiative, work hard, and give 100% of yourself to ensure your dining establishment thrives within the competitive environment of the service industry.

As with any area of life, though, there are times when you benefit from getting a little help from your friends – or really any outside source.

If you have exhausted every effort to build or maintain your business on your own or with your internal team – or simply feel exhausted yourself – you may want to consider working with a local restaurant consultant.

Partnering with a restaurant consultant

In several scenarios, it can be advantageous for a restaurant consultant to step in and help jumpstart one or more areas of your operation. Here is a look at seven situations that benefit from the services, skills and expertise of professional consultants:

1. Opening a new restaurant

It’s no surprise that establishing a new business, especially a restaurant, is challenging, time-consuming and draining. You face decision-making each step of the way and have to take initiative or nothing will get done. Even though you bear the responsibility for getting your restaurant running, however, a consultant can help you walk through and efficiently manage the process.

2. Lacking comprehensive industry knowledge

If you are recently starting out as a restaurant owner, it’s understandable your knowledge and insight might be deep rather than wide. For instance, chefs often desire to establish their own restaurant, yet exemplary culinary skills are not enough to handle the business side of an operation. Restaurant consultants can show you the ropes in various industry areas where your knowledge is lacking.

3. Looking to optimize your location

Where your restaurant is located can affect your business in numerous ways, from the demographics of your clientele to what dishes, hours, and atmosphere will most appeal to them. With the help of a restaurant consultant, you can analyze your location and how to use it to your benefit.

4. Failing to turn a profit

It’s normal to experience business losses early on, but if after a couple years, your restaurant isn’t making a significant profit, you’re in trouble. You need to ruthlessly evaluate your restaurant operations and identify if certain areas are hemorrhaging money or systemic problems are affecting the whole business.

5. Finding your focus

You can’t appeal to everyone. That’s a fact. Instead, you prosper by having direction, choosing a specialty, and doing it well. If you need help identifying your target audience and developing a strong brand, you can turn to consultants for their guidance.

6. Planning an expansion

Whether you are preparing to franchise or simply want to open one new site, restaurant consultants offer a range of services to help you find the ideal new location, develop operating manuals, and discover ways for the additional restaurant to be a seamless extension of your existing one.

7. Feeling overwhelmed

For any number of reasons, you may simply experience frustration or exhaustion, whether you’ve been in business a couple months or several years. Hiring a restaurant consultant can help you regain your focus, drive, or inspiration and overcome the challenges that are draining your time, energy, or resources.

At the end of the day, there’s no shame in collaborating with an external agency that may possess expertise, insight, and knowledge to augment your own skills, experience, and efforts.

Whether your establishment is undergoing a major transition, requires re-structuring, or simply needs an injection of new creativity or an honest evaluation, restaurant consultants are there to lend a hand.

Donald Phillips