A Comparison between Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers

A Comparison between Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers

The hosting industry every time comes up with a new element added into its family. Cloud computing id one such element which recently got introduced in a public domain. In a short period, it has gained much popularity. With this popularity, also posed a question that compared cloud servers with dedicated servers on which one is the best.

In this article, we have laid down the key differences between the two different types of hosting services. Hopefully, this will help you make the correct choice.

Cloud Servers vs Dedicated Servers: The difference between the two components

1. Definition

Cloud hosting or cloud computing is a type of web hosting which is very similar to dedicated servers. It helps scale performances, resolve and control security issues and bugs. The difference lies that cloud computing does not require any hardware and is shared in a virtual environment.

Dedicated servers are hosting services that are dedicated and controlled by one single user. It requires specific hardware for its functioning.

2. The functions of the servers

Both the servers have identical functions. Cloud servers appear to be more hassle-free. Dedicated servers require hardware parts which make it a bit difficult to handle it.

3. Cost

There are numerous variants in this sector. A cheap 1 gbps dedicated server can cost $100 per month. In the case of cloud servers, the cost goes up to an average of $300 per month. So definitely, cloud servers are a way for costlier than dedicated servers.

Which one stays the Better?

The question of one surpassing the other is a bit tricky. Cloud servers and dedicated servers have different features and are made for different work set-ups. Cloud servers are undoubtedly receiving much more popularity nowadays. But dedicated servers are not left far behind. Therefore, a clear winner cannot be determined.


From everything mentioned above, an outline of the cloud servers and dedicated servers has been drawn. Which one is better for you is for you to decide. We recommend trying both the systems and then deciding on which one works the best for you.

Danny White