A complete guide about Fridge for wines

The Fridge for wines is fashionable, every kitchen, that boasts must include a refrigerated wine rack, to be able to taste the good wine at the exact temperature. A wine cooler from KingsBottle is the best solution so that quality wine lovers can taste it at the right temperature and keep it in the best conditions of temperature and humidity.

This type of furniture to store wines at the right temperature has undergone a very important evolution. The first devices were too big, and to store a few bottles they occupied a huge space. Nowadays, thanks to the technological advances that surround us, the volume of a wine fridge is very much in line with the quantity of bottles it stores. In this way, it is no longer a rough piece of furniture, but has become elegant design pieces, which no longer only develop the original function of storing and protecting your wines, but also contribute an elegant style to the decoration of the living room, from the kitchen, or from the room where they are located.

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A Refrigerator for wines is an appliance conceived, only to keep perfectly all kinds of drinks, especially wines, champagne and champagne. The Fridge for wines, like the good wine, is exclusive furniture with different capacities, according to the needs and uses to which it is going to be destined.

Wine fridge, basic recommendations

If any model of Fridge for wines that one can get, it is important that before you buy it, keep in mind these small recommendations.

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  • The wine should not receive sunlight, so think about the location of the wine cooler.
  • The place where you are going to locate it should not be more than 30º of temperature.
  • Wine is a living being, to which the environment directly affects it, so the best thing is a space, where there are no noises, no vibrations that alter its composition.
  • When installing them in an embedded way, always leave a space for the same piece of furniture to breathe, at least 4 cm on each side.
  • Before choosing a model, analyze well the technical characteristics of it. Not only measurements, quantity of bottles or storage volume, but the temperature range or energy efficiency.
  • The world of wine bars adapts to the times and you will find them specific to each type of wine

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