A Week in Milwaukee on a $60,000 Salary

A Week in Milwaukee on a $60,000 Salary


Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

This week, a registered nurse who makes $60,000 a year at a top surgical suite in Milwaukee, WI, lets us into her expenses, and the results are surprising.

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Age: 29

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Salary: $60,000 (approx. $1,788 per pay period)

Day One

Working as a registered nurse in Milwaukee has been a treat for me because I can work overnight and enjoy the day out in the city. Today, I got out of work, slept a couple of hours, and then headed to the Miller Brewery for an 80-minute tour of the site. The entrance fee was $10 plus tax and fees and included beer samples and a souvenir glass, and I bought a couple of extra souvenirs for my friends at the local shop.

Total: $64.58

Day Two

Milwaukee has its share of nightlife and restaurants that offer late-night services. So today, I went with a couple of coworkers to Mader’s Restaurant, a German restaurant down at Old World street, to have a couple of beers and destress after the shift. I ordered a jumbo pretzel and tap beer because my appetite wasn’t that great. After that, I headed straight home and enjoyed my Zs.

Total: $24.24

Day Three

I had planned to remodel my master bathroom at my apartment for a couple of weeks now because it was getting a bit shabby. So I hired the best bathroom remodelers in Milwaukee, Mad City Windows and Baths, because they had helped me out on another project, and I just loved their work. Last time, they replaced my guest bathroom’s bathtub and I immediately fell in love with their remodeling job. They do free estimates so it’s super convenient to chat with them first regarding your budget, cost estimates, and financing options before committing to a large remodeling project. I got a good financing plan, so I get free installation, and then get to pay only $475 a month.

Total: $475

Day Four

Today, I decided to go to the Harley-Davidson Museum to indulge in motorcycle nostalgia. I have always dreamed of getting a motorcycle so looking at the history made me want to get one even more. The entrance cost was $22, and I bought some mementos for myself as a reminder to make the purchase. One day, you’ll see me in my Harley, riding through different states and enjoying life.

Total: $64.31

Day Five

Fridays are usually a lot of fun because, most weeks, I go to one of the parks at Lake Michigan for a stroll or to spend some time with my friends and their dogs before heading to work. It’s always a treat to go for a breezy walk and talk about life with friends. I always learn something new! Today, one of my friends told me about Lively Roots, a plant delivery company, and you know for a fact that I put in an order to have plants delivered straight to my apartment that week. I ordered some succulents and snake plants to brighten up my living room space.

Total: $147.84

Day Six

Today, I had the day off and had plans to go on a baseball date with my good friend, A., since we’re both into the sport. So we headed to Miller Park for a Milwaukee Brewers vs. Washington Nationals game. It was so exciting and fun. I got to cheer on my home team, and they won! I got us some popcorn and beers for the nine innings and headed straight home afterward.

Total: $76.84

Day Seven

Today, I headed out for some much-needed grocery shopping at the Public Market. I bought veggies, fruits, and spices to try out some new recipes, plus some other essentials for the week.

Total: $93.51

Total for the week: $946.32

Donald Phillips