Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Drugs

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Drugs

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Drug addiction is a disease that consists of the dependence of substances that affect the central nervous system and brain activities, spawning alterations in actions, perception, judgment, and feelings.

The side-effects of drugs are plenty, depending on hugely on the type of drug and the volume or frequency with which it is consumed.

They can produce hallucinations, intensify or hinder the senses, provoke sensations of euphoria or despair.

Some drugs can even lead to madness or death; that’s why you end up doing addiction treatment in a Drug treatment facility (สถาน บำบัด ยา เสพ ติด, which is the term in Thai with medical professionals.

Typical examples of the advantages and disadvantages of using drugs

Advantages Of Consuming

  • I feel strong, with energy
  • It ends with shyness and insecurity
  • Security
  • More sex
  • Makes me feel good
  • Integrating with people
  • I have more friends
  • It makes me more social
  • Reduce social anxiety
  • It relaxes me
  • It’s fun
  • A glass of wine is better with meals
  • There are times when a single drink with a friend is something enjoyable
  • Reduce the blame
  • It separates you from loneliness
  • You forget about the problems for a while
  • Nothing bothers me when I’m placed

Disadvantages Of Consuming

  • Mistreat your body mentally and physically
  • Addiction is a problem for health
  • They suffer the relationships
  • The work suffers
  • Great debts
  • I lead a life that is a lie
  • I run the risk of suffering legal consequences
  • After consuming I feel bad about myself
  • Hangover
  • I sleep almost all day
  • I stop eating
  • You have no motivation
  • I’m not talking about anything important
  • I feel guilty when I’m in front of my family
  • Impotence
  • Sterility
  • Paranoia
  • Sloth
  • Loss of memory
  • Family Tensions
  • You can fire me
  • Harm to myself and others
  • Less respect for others
  • Decreased self-esteem
  • It is not easy to meet new people
  • You do not get so many things, you can not do constructive things after having been consuming
  • Interactions with medication
  • Physical discomfort
  • To lose control
  • Driving Drunk
  • Discouraged by not being able to control a pointless impulse
  • I do and say things that I regret
  • I get too aggressive
  • My reasoning deteriorates
  • Lack of control
  • I could die
  • I take risks in dangerous situations
  • I isolate

Advantages Of Not Consuming

  • You stay healthy
  • Feel less paranoia
  • Better relationships with your partner
  • You feel physically better
  • You save money
  • I feel better about myself
  • I can think clearly
  • I like to go to work
  • I can pay my bills
  • I’m not idle
  • I will not lose control
  • I do not have to lie to my family
  • I have more time to practice the sport that I like
  • It’s depressing, and it’s good that you avoid it
  • It’s good for my weight
  • You can do more things at night if you do not drink
  • Everything goes better in my body if I do not use
  • I do not have to worry about making a fool of myself at parties
  • I do not get up thinking about what happened the night before
  • I have no hangovers
  • The self-confidence that I obtain for having overcome a self-destructive impulse
  • The moral reward for overcoming an unnecessary desire
  • I will not have a bad reputation
  • I will not have to regret
  • Health reasons
  • Improve communication
  • Sleep better
  • Do not be so worried about what they know about me
  • I can plan my future
  • Better sex
  • Less jealousy
  • More time for oneself and for the family

Clare Louise