All the Things You Can Do With Your Clothes Steamer

All the Things You Can Do With Your Clothes Steamer

Unless you work with steam boilers Ontario, you probably need a clothes steamer from time to time. While handy, what exactly do you do with it in the long stretches of idle time? Luckily, there are some clever folks out there who have figured out ways to make the most of this tool. Try using your steamer for some of the following household jobs.

Sanitize Surfaces

This has got to be the number one use for a steamer during the times of COVID-19. If your steamer can reach temperatures of at least 212o F, then it can effectively disinfect hard surfaces like doorknobs, countertops and tabletops. This technique can also avoid cross-contamination from sponges.

Clean Carpet Stains

For footprints or dropped food, try steaming it out. While heavier stains will probably require professional cleaning, you can put it off just a little bit longer with this trick. Lightly steam the area, blot and retry if necessary.

Refresh Tile and Grout

No matter how hard you try, tile and grout will eventually get dull from hard water and soap buildup. Brighten up bathrooms by going over the tile, grout and even glass doors with your steamer. They’ll be sparkling in no time with minimal effort.

Steam Clean Drapes

Instead of trying to wash heavy or bulky drapery fabrics, use your handy steamer instead. Accumulated dust and dust mites can not only cause allergies, but they can diminish the look of fabrics and cause them to deteriorate more quickly. You can save time, money and effort by simply steaming the dust mites into oblivion.

Disinfect Toys

Babies put everything into their mouths. It can be hard to clean toys with moving parts, fabric or uneven surfaces. That’s where the clothes steamer can come in handy. It can sanitize and disinfect toys in no time without the risk of ruining them.


Donald Phillips