Benefits of fruit salad

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The fruit salad has always been a food that people prefer to eat, and many of them are keen to eat it regularly, and here we should point out that this dish is not only the dishes that would give those who eat them tasty taste and beautiful shape on the table due to the different varieties of fruit Used in their preparation, they are also foods that will give you a large number of benefits as they contain different types of fruits, each of which has a different benefit from the other species.

Benefits of fruit salad

In an overview, the fruit salad improves digestion, because of its dietary fiber, as it handles chronic constipation, and on of the most useful fruit salad advantages is that reduces the specific harmful cholesterol, and is also a factor that helps in weight elimination. Overload, as a low calorie dessert. It provides the necessary protection for the cells against free radicals and their damage, and on the other hand they provide protection and safety for the eyes, and give the skin freshness and luster. Next, dear reader, we offer you the way to prepare the fruit salad.

If we want to talk about the fruit salad benefits of each of the fruit varieties used in the preparation of fruit salad in some detail, apples, for example, is a good source of potassium, as it helps to reduce the risk of infection of the person with hypertension, and in turn reduces the fat and cholesterol in Blood. Because of the presence of pectin in apples, it contributes to the resistance of constipation and gases.

Bananas also often enter into the preparation of the fruit salad in all its forms works to prevent hardening of both arteries and kidneys, and also to combat the increase in sodium salts, not to mention that bananas are the types of fruits that protect the body from the incidence of anemia, as well as the calcium present in Bananas are the best quality in terms of milk and cheese, while strawberries contribute to calming nerves and are considered painkiller, as they are useful in treating gum diseases, and are prescribed for patients with liver and gout.

Kiwi is one of the types of fruits that are recommended for the kiwi to resist tissue infections, as well as to get rid of severe leaching, that kiwi helps in digestion, and works to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

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