Best 5 Sports news Android apps 2020

Best 5 Sports news Android apps 2020

Sports apps are among the top entertaining apps people ever voted for, They fall in the same category of games. Both games and sports apps are loved by almost all people of all age groups. Are you looking to know the best Sports news android apps in 2020.

People are fond of sports like Football, cricket, Baseball, Basketball etc, They want to know all news related with their favorite sports and players. All the latest news is accessible to fans through these apps. The sports businesses can also hire sports app development companies for such apps.

Here we are covering the best multiple sports apps for use in 2020.

The Athletic

It is the mix of old and new school, it comes with no popup ads, it is subscription based app like a newspaper that covers in depth news on sports, It covers 47 sports as of now and we expect it to grow more with time.


It is one of the largest network sports news apps in the world, it is more famous in North America and it covers almost every sports like MLB, NFL, WNBA and more. Moreover, you will get access to live streaming service with live games and commentary.


It is also a sports app, it keeps track of articles you read and integrates it with twitter and facebook, it shows results based on your matched keywords and interest.It comes with no ads.

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Google Search

The app is one of the best of mine s it comes with so much functionality like google assistant, google search, you can easily access the scorecard, news and updates related with your favorite sports


This is the best mobile app for sports, it features famous sports like MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL, Golf, soccer etc. It also provides you with scores, schedule, trade and other news.


It is a famous and huge sports news app, it is being viewed all around the world, Sports it includes are hockey, tennis, rugby, cycling, volleyball, football, polo and other sports.

Yahoo Sports

It is also among the most polar sports news places. It is very polar in North America, It also covers game streaming, scorecard, schedule and other sports related news.

They are famous sports news android apps, If you want to entertain yourself and want to keep yourself updated with the latest sports related news then this app is especially for you.

I hope you like reading article on best 5 sports news apps 2020.