Best Code Review Tool Available On Internet

Best Code Review Tool Available On Internet


Software development process uses many steps and one of those steps is code review. In the code review, testing of source code is done to find out the bugs at the initial stage. A code review process is done before merging the code and database. An effective code review is done which prevents errors and bugs entering into your code and also tries to improve your code quality. Code quality of software will be improved in the initial stages of the software development process. 

A developer has question in his mind that how to review the code which has been written and from where to get the code review tool. Answer of this question is that there are many websites on the internet which provide code review tool. Even, you will get all information about that review tool. You will also know that free trial of code review tool is available for many time and how much time you will get in paid version. 

Some best version of code review tools are listed in this article and it will help you to choose the best tool. List of code review tools are:

Review Board – is open source tool and web based which is only used for code review. This is one of the website which provides the demo of code review tool. If you find it useful, download from the official website and use it for reviewing the code.  

GitHub –an inbuilt code review tool is available in GitHub. Core services of GitHub are embedded with the bundle of code review tool. The free plan is also available for the developers who are using GitHub. free plan is provided only three free trials for code review and paid pla starting price is $ 7 per month. 

Phabricator –this open source tool is given by Phacility for reviewing the programming code. For using this tool, download the tool and install it in your system. There are number of review tools available on cloud hosted version. This review tool is freely available depending upon the total number of source line of codes. If you have large number of lines in source code, then you have to take premium version. 

Collaborator is best tool and published by SmartBear. This tool is used by development team. A new design review tool is also available. 5 user licenses is available for one user at cost of $ 535 for one year. SmartBear is also providing two free trial for every developer for his business requirements. 

These are most popular code review tools and you should also use if you are looking for one of best code review tool. 


Danny White