Best Travel Application to Help you Stay Organized while Travelling

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Travelling can bring us a lot of opportunities, whether you are an up and coming entrepreneur who is looking forward to having an overseas business partner or a busy employee hoping to meet the greatest escape in their working life. Although we have to admit at times that organizing your travels can become stressful because there is just so much to juggle and consider. That is why in this era of advancement in technology, we must maximize the resources that we have by getting the help of apps that are one touch away from our hands.

By using mobile apps that are focused on travel, you will be able to make the most of the whole journey by simply making communication easier, marking as ‘done’ all the stuff on your to-do list, storing all your important documents in one cloud, keeping track of your flight schedule, setting reminders from your own calendar, and many more. Here are the six best travel apps to help you stay organized in your upcoming travels. Let’s go!

Fly Radar

Perhaps one of the most indispensable apps you can find in the app store is a flight tracking tool which has the power to show you real-time information on several publicly available aircraft from around the globe. Using flyradar allows you to track passenger planes with their registered receivers which are installed around the world. Once you visit their website or download their app, you will see a world map with several yellow planes that are hovering above it which means it is not just your own flight you can track. If you have the flight number of a specific airline, then you can see its schedule, its status – whether it is in transit, on time, delayed, cancelled or otherwise –, its altitude, its speed, its flight history, and a lot more. Zoom in to a particular location and you will see more of aircraft bring tracked by flyradar, and that’s just 60% of the total flights.

Of course, military aircraft are an exception to this due to security concerns. So, if you are curious on the whereabouts of Air Force One, you might as well save yourself some time and look for another flight to track!


If you are looking for an app that has the capacity to automatically find travel-related emails and consolidate it all in one master plan, then TripIt is for you. Through this app, you can purchase hotel bookings, flight details, day trips, navigate through the city once your plane touches down, find a lounge for your long layover, and many more. You can also set it to alert you if your friends are nearby when you arrive at a certain destination, when your gate changes, or as to when you can make an advance check-in online.


This app is often used as a productivity tool for your team at work. You can share the board you are working on with other people and help collaborate so your tasks will be done quickly. Nowadays, it also serves as a checklist for travellers to stay organized through the course of their journey. Keep track of things you need to bring or tasks you need to finish before the flight using Trello and move cards to other boards to show your progress. Design boards for the specific tasks and rank them by priority so you will not lose track of what is important, what is urgent, or what is both important and urgent.

Google Calendar

Gone are the days that we would have to bring a bulky planner everywhere we go just to keep track of our business and personal lives. Whether you need to set-up an appointment with your business partner or you need to attend that physical training session, Google Calendar can help you plot that. With this app, you can easily create time blocks for events, for a simple reminder, holidays and birthday notifications, or for to-do items. For recurring or continuous events, never go into the hassle of constantly inputting them because this app has features for those requirements.


Another on our list of productivity tools which is really helpful for travelling is 24me. Consider yourself having an award-winning personal assistant using this app. 24me contains a calendar, to-do list, notes, and personal accounts which have helped millions of people from around the globe to boost their productivity and save their time for things that matter most in their lives.

When used in travelling, 24me is proved to be an amazing app especially by those who have a busy schedule ahead of them. When you attend conferences, meetings, or other agenda in your pipeline, 24me can help you by giving you alerts and can change your ability to organize through the app.


Microsoft Office 365 Onenote is an oldie but a goodie. Imagine carrying a virtual tickler in your pocket all the time! Onenote is a perfect productivity tool that stores all the notes you have jotted down and even make a checklist out of them. If you are attending a lecture and need to catch the quote your speaker just said, jot it down in the app. Keep your trip organized through this powerful app with its simple and elegant interface and several features. Feel effortless in travelling because you can also attach softcopy documents or hyperlinks in every page you make.  

Sheri Croll