BSA R10 Review – Power and Beauty in One Package 

BSA R10 Review – Power and Beauty in One Package 

BSA guns are not anything new to most avid airgun users. They have been around for years. Actually, the Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) Company Limited is among the earliest gun manufacturers in the UK. This company is said to have started their trade sometime in the 16th century with King William III purchasing one of their muskets for an impressive sum of 17 shillings. Although this history is disputed quite a lot but one this cannot be challenge – the power of the BSA guns. The BSA R10 TH air rifle walnut is of premium standards. 

Beauty and brains? 

When the R10 was released into the market, gun enthusiasts went nuts over it, terming this to be the “world’s sexiest airgun”. Even for a beginner this gun is definitely a looker. The MK2 released in 2011, features beautiful upgrades to its magazine, regulator, stock, trigger and even the finish. This model simply reaffirmed people’s allegiance to BSA’s guns. One the account of its delightful look and accuracy, the BSA R10 air rifle black is an amazing package for both beginners as well as expert gunners. 

A key feature of the R10 is the stock. It is unlike any in other mass produced airguns. It has a firm grip and purposefully fullness to it in the hand. It is the perfect definition of an over-the-top stock exceeding the expectations of many a sharpshooter with its unmatched bends, sharp edges and bulges all in the right places. It has a rugged yet impossibly exquisite checkering. For your comfort, you can adjust your but plate effortlessly. All its moving parts interact with each other with such grace somewhat reminiscent of something put together by a Swiss watch manufacturer. 

Let’s talk power 

Only a few airguns are able to keep up with the power offered by PCP guns. The BSA R10 TH air rifle walnut is one of the most powerful PCP guns. The action of this gun is regulated meaning that your velocity from one shot to another will be improved dramatically compared to a non-regulated gun. These features improve the overall accuracy of the rifle while also increasing the amount of shots that you can take with every fill. Reviews by various users claim that the most consistent performance is realised at 3,250psi (about 220 bar) give you about 30 shots before the next refill. 

What is the price? 

None of the adjectives used above describe this impossibly perfect airgun can define the even more astounding pricing. All in a good way though! At their price the BSA R10 air rifle black, walnut and camo styles are nothing short of a steal. However, this all depends on where you make your purchase. Some stores will rip you off. One of the best places to make your purchase is at Ronnie Sunshines. This store offers a great deal of discounts to top off their great pricing. What is more is that you can make your purchase online from the comfort of your home. 


Donald Phillips