Casio G shock: For those who live shocking lives

When it comes to choosing the right watch for your wrist, it’s important to consider what type of life you live. If it sounds shocking to you that a decision as small as buying a watch needs such serious consideration, maybe you are not as enthusiastic about watches as some people choose to be. Nonetheless, if it’s not the lifestyle you consider, you need to at least give thought to the occasion you are wearing it to. Wearing a sports watch to dinner isn’t cool; it’s an offense to the fraternity of the watch bearers.

If you have a lifestyle that’s full of adventure, you want to own a watch that reflects that. You need to make it worth it when you buy it. After all, you only buy watches if you dig them, especially in these times when you can easily see the time on your smartphones. It’s important that you have at least two watches that you own; one for the formal occasions and one for casual events. That’s basic etiquette for watches.

So, if you indeed think you have a spontaneously adventurous life, go ahead and buy a Casio G shock. It would suit you well when you go about your trekking, cycling or riding endeavors. It will keep you on time and help you watch your lap time too. People who own these watches and don’t go out don’t quite do justice to these watches. It’s truly heartbreaking to see that. You should be wearing a trendy casual watch if fitness isn’t your forte.

Not for the faint of heart

If you think that it is an overstatement to say that G shock watches are only for the daredevils, you are far from the truth. It’s not an overstatement, it’s a decent observation. These watches were not just created to help you with time; any watch can do that. It was created to assist the fearless, the hungry, the fit, etc. It was created to help them achieve their goals, to be with them when they suffered or when they triumphed. It was created to be a part of these people’s good and bad times.

Those who created these watches understood the pain of struggle and the taste of victory after. They understood the turmoil a person goes through when they work hard to make their dreams see the light of day. They knew it wasn’t their luck but their passion that drove them and that’s why they wanted to create something to be on their side always, holding onto their hands firmly. Giving them the due strength and courage to fight, one more day.

You see not all watches come with the stopwatch in them. Of course, some digital watches do, but none of them are as enduring. When you wear a G shock, you know the weight that discipline and a strict regimen ask. You know the power that it provides both the mind and the body. It empowers you like nothing else.

Get it right

Once you have established that you are indeed ready for a life of adventure, you are ready to buy the Casio G shock and transform your life with it. Your life would start to move faster when you get into the habit of rigorous physical labor, just like the digits on the stopwatch. With every second that passes, you realize that your life is a lot more than your job or your car or your condo. Your life is more than anything else because your life is about you.

Start living on the edge of your expectations and make time for the adrenaline in you. Move faster than ever and don’t stop, never stop. Life is too short to worry about stopping. Run as you have never run before, jump over the obstacles you may find and when you are tired a little, take a deep breath, in. Exhale. Repeat. Move again, run again, live again because life is too short for stopping. As you run past your fears, show them it’s your time flashing a Casio G shock on its face. Are you excited enough?      

Donald Phillips