Cheese Curds Add Variety as a Starter/Side to Burger Restaurant Menus

Cheese Curds Add Variety as a Starter/Side to Burger Restaurant Menus

Cheese curds, also known as ‘squeaky cheese,’ are moist pieces of curdled milk; they are obtained by coagulating milk in the process called curdling. Producing cheese curds is one of the first steps in cheese making.

Cheese curds can be eaten alone as a snack or used as ingredients in other recipes. Cheese curd makes an excellent appetizer for dinner and can also be used as side dishes.

Cheese curds are great stand-alone munchie,deep-fried cheese curds are the proof. Cheese curds are also recipe friendly. They can be tossed into salads, stirred into side dishes and casseroles, and it is the hero of the famous dish poutine.

If you are a burger restaurant owner, you can add cheese curds dishes in your menu, and it will be a big hit. Cheese curds can be a healthy replacement for fries. Here are a few cheese curds dishes that you can add as a starter/side to your restaurant menu:

Fried Cheese Curds

Battered and deep-fried cheese curds are the most famous cheese curd dish after poutine. You can usually find them at festivals and fairs but now are becoming a staple of restaurants. They taste best with ketchup, ranch and marinara ,the possibilities are endless.

Burgersand fries are a classic combo as people always want some crunchy fries or delicious chips with their burgers. However, nowadays, people are becoming more health-conscious, and most of them don’t prefer eating fries. You can add this as anoption on your menu, either fries or deep-fried cheese curds. Deep-fried cheese curds are a healthier and tastier option.

Cheese Curds Salad

Usually your burger is your main meal, but while people wait for their burger to be on the table, they usually love to have some light starters. Cheese curd salad isa great low carb appetizer.

Cheese curd salad can be a fresh menu twist for the summer time. Mix cheese curds with cherry tomatoes, baby arugula, lettuce, and some seasonings, and it’s ready to serve. Your customers will enjoy cheese curd salads while you serve them with your best burgers.

Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Curds

Bacon-wrapped cheese curdsare a blessing for bacon lovers. The cheese curds are wrapped in the bacon, and then they are dipped in the seasoned batter and delicately fried.

This bacon-wrapped cheese curd pairs better with a cocktail, which makes this dish theperfect appetizer to add to the menuof any high-end burger restaurant with a great selection of cocktails.

Cheese Curd Chilly

Cheese curds are the best thing that happened to cheese lovers. It is such a versatile cheese product, and it can be cooked with almost anything. Cheese curd chilly is a fantastic starter that gives you the perfect blend of spices and cheddar.

It’s a quick and easy recipe that requires minimum ingredients but taste incredible. It goes perfect with beer or cocktails.

Let’s celebrate the fresh cheese curds! Without them, there would be no poutine and fried cheese curds. All the burger restaurant owners out there, add cheese curd dishes in your restaurant menu, and treat your customers with a healthy twist to their visit.

Clare Louise