Common Supplements Might Reduce COVID Severity

Common Supplements Might Reduce COVID Severity

The most important thing in the times of coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic is to understand that there is no supplement, medicine or lifestyle change other than physical distancing and proper hygiene can protect you from this infection.

Let us understand that how the use of supplements can benefit us. Our immune system is a complex system, which consists of several processes, chemicals and collection of cells to defend our body against pathogens. Our immunity system safeguards us from invading pathogens like bacteria, viruses and toxins. In order to stay healthy you are supposed to keep your immune system healthy round the year. Staying active by doing physical activities and consuming a balanced diet along with enough sleep will keep your immunity system in good health.

Remember that there are some supplements, which may interact with over-the-counter medicines. In case of any health issue, you need to consult a health expert. It is good to consult your healthcare provider before you start consuming supplements from a supplement store on a regular basis.

Vitamin D

This is fat-soluble nutrient and plays a significant role in strengthening the immune system. Vitamin D increases the pathogen fighting capacity of white blood cells and reduces inflammation. Deficiency of vitamin D will affect your immune system. Deficiency of this vitamin may increase the chances of upper respiratory tract infections.


This is a commonly used mineral. This is for our immune system that is why it is used in most of the health care products. Deficiency of this nutrient will weaken your immune system. On the other hand, the weakening of your immunity power will enhance the risk of getting infected.

Vitamin C

This is known as the most important supplement to protect you against several infectious diseases and strengthen your immunity system. Vitamin C works along with immune cells and increases their ability to safeguard you from various infections. This powerful antioxidant freely available works brilliantly in case of oxidative stress. This kind of stress is very harmful for your immune health. In case of weak immunity system, you are prone to be infected with numerous diseases. Researches have shown that consuming vitamins C have reduced the problems in respiratory tract.

Several other supplements available are beneficial for your immune health. Zinc, vitamin D and vitamins C are just a few of them are available at supplement store. Remember these supplements are not a replacement for medicines or healthy lifestyle. Some supplements may interact with certain medicine that is why it is imperative at your part to consult your healthcare provider before you start using any of them.