Contact Us for Assisted Living Franchise Opportunities

Contact Us for Assisted Living Franchise Opportunities

Here’s an interesting fact: about 70 percent of those 65 and older will require at least some kind of long-term care services. Did you also know that, by 2050, the number of people in America in this age bracket is projected to be 88.5 million, but the estimate for the population of the same group in 2010 was just 40.2 million? There are plenty of opportunities to invest in meeting the needs of this population, and one of them is by purchasing one of our assisted living franchise opportunities.

We offer a proven business model that empowers families to make the right choice for their long-term care options for their family members. You can run this business out of your home with little overhead, and the work is rewarding. You can own your own business while you help people navigate a difficult time in their lives.

We have a solid understanding of our industry and customer base, and we strive to offer the best in assisted living, dementia, and residential care placement services in the field. We provide superior service through our franchisees, partners, suppliers, and corporate office, and we have built a solid reputation through our collaboration.

If you become a franchisee, you will learn about all of the local care options for seniors in your area. You’ll tour the facilities and meet with staff members. You’ll then meet with families to help them make a decision about the care situation that will best serve their loved ones. You figure out what their needs are and then take them on tours of facilities that interest them. Also, you assist them with paperwork and the transition period. Afterwards, you follow up with them to make sure everything went smoothly. You’ll also answer questions about options and resources and serve as a guide.

You’ll have support throughout your journey as a franchisee as we offer constant training, support, and marketing. You’ll be the top elder care expert in your community and provide compassionate service to each of your clients, and we will have your back to get you any help you need.

When you take advantage of one of our assisted living franchise opportunities, you’re making an intelligent investment for your future in an expanding field. You will be the guide and support for people in your area who have to make a choice about the long-term care of their loved ones.