Do You Know How Can You Make Use of CBD as Hand Sanitizer?

Do You Know How Can You Make Use of CBD as Hand Sanitizer?

Since the beginning of the year 2020, the whole world population has been seriously affected due to Coronavirus disease and therefore, there is a huge demand for hand sanitizers. Medical researchers have established that the virus generally spread from hands and therefore it need to be regularly sanitized.

Since many deaths have occurred due to this pandemic situation and keeping this in mind, nowadays it has become extremely crucial for all of us to consider personal hygiene as our top priority.

As a result, demand for hand sanitizers have risen exponentially and most stores are not able to supply because of huge demand. Can we then use CBD as a hand sanitizer?

Why CBD as hand sanitizer?

A number of healing properties have been seen on CBD and it is also very good for our skin. When we use any soap or hand sanitizer too often then the skin of our hand tends to dry out. We need to maintain moisture in our hands too.

Either we may use certain medication to maintain moisture in our hand or use a moisturizer. Over using of moisturizer may prevent the skin to produce necessary moisture oil and as a result, our hand tends to become rough and we may feel itching

Best thing will be to buy CBD oil from a good store. One such website is CBD oil has the perfect balance of various nutrients and substances, which can nourish and moisturize our skin.

Also, it can help to stop peeling our skin, cuts, rough patches and cracks. All products of CBD oil have anti-inflammatory property and also moisturizing healing benefits. Besides that, CBD also has antibacterial properties to fight with germs.

How can you make CBD-infused hand sanitizer?

Following are the ingredients

  • 91% isopropyl alcohol – 1 cup
  • Tea tree oil – 15 drops
  • Aloe-vera gel – ½ cup
  • CBD oil – 4 to 5 drops

Now follow these steps:

  1. Pour into a container isopropyl alcohol by using a drip tip

Often people may suggest using vodka, but it does not contain enough alcohol hence 91% isopropyl alcohol will be a better choice.

  1. Measure and pour aloe vera gel

As alcohol may cause skin irritation, use aloe-vera gel to keep your hand soft. Nevertheless, one must remember that natural aloe-vera gel is thick as compared to its store-bought counterpart.

Therefore, this can make your hand sanitizer stickier. So, people will have to rub their hands more frequently to ensure complete absorption.

  1. Add tree tea oil

It will be sensible to add tea tree oil, which is a natural antibacterial agent in your homemade hand sanitizers.

  1. Add CBD oil

Add 4 to 5 drops of potent CBD oil to your hand sanitizer concoction.

  1. Whisk

For thoroughly mixing all the compounds, only stirring may not be sufficient. Therefore, use a whisk to mix the hand sanitizer into homogeneous gel.

  1. Sanitize your spray bottles and then pour in it

Ensure that your spray bottles are completely sterilized before you pour in your DIY hand sanitizer.