Do you know the role of plug and play offices of Hyderabad? 

Do you know the role of plug and play offices of Hyderabad? 

This was it once that I really got to know what hits a young budding entrepreneur the most on his budget. Its young lady of around 25 years, a proper post graduate in Philosophy and someone with wonderful writing talent, deciding to open up a little company with a total of three people all staying into three various corners of Hyderabad and none of them had a destination wherein they can work from. 

Office space

As a start-up, they understood that once their cold calling, email marketing is over, they’ll require liable office space for rent in Hyderabad because it will specially become mandatory, while they’ll need to meet customers eventually. The entire they expected was a destination in Hyderabad, where they can greet their potential or existing customer, conduct meetings. 

Being women they desired it in a safe location, wanted it fully clean, genuinely which the company need to equip with certain basic infrastructure and they cannot have it. 


Places their budget can afford weren’t conductive for them; places that were great were out of their budget. Places in remoter locations were unsafe, unhygienic, without parking, crucial to reach for customers and places into the relatively posh locations, were exorbitantly expensively. Also then there was the added infrastructure cost of furniture, electricity, equipment, cleaning staff and what not and when they shelled out all the money on costs such as these, definitely they cannot expect to expand for the next 4 years or so. 

Temporary solution 

The whole young, amazing team wanted was an attractive plug and play office which will be cost effective, had great infrastructure, was in a safe and company locality and was simple to approach for a customer. They came to me as friend instead of as people coming for a solution. In any situation, at that time, I didn’t actually have any solutions for them; want that I can offer them one room in my office, If it was of any guide. However again that will be a temporary solution and they’ll have to keep finding. They agreed. 

Plug & play office space – A long term solution

When these women worked from office, they kept on looking for something that can be a relatively long term solution for them. They finally found a solution in the form of a plug and play office. They found an office where they were offered office space on seat and cabin basis. There were meeting rooms, training rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria and more. 

Clare Louise