Does your overall oral health have an impact on your overall wellness?

Does your overall oral health have an impact on your overall wellness?

Did you have any idea about the fact that your oral health provides clues about your overall health? Or did you know that issues in your mouth could also have an impact on your body? Just as you have to take care of your physical health, you also require taking equal care of your teeth and gums. Just as your dog would require healthy teeth for chewing Healthy Chews rawhide bones dog treats, similarly you too need to have healthy teeth not just for chewing but for several other reasons.

If you still don’t know about the connection your overall health and oral health, read on the concerns of this article.

Oral and overall health – Where the connection lies?

Just as other parts of your body, your mouth also has bacteria which are mostly harmless. However, your mouth is the entrance for respiratory and digestive tracts and these bacteria can lead to some kind of diseases. The natural defenses of the body and proper oral health care like flossing and daily brushing can control the bacteria. Without the right level of oral hygiene, bacteria may aggravate leading to all sorts of oral infections like gum disease or tooth decay.

Conditions that are linked to your oral health – Staying aware

Now that you know that your oral health can be linked to various other physical health conditions, you must be wondering what those conditions are. Check them out:

  • Cardiovascular disease: Though this connection is not yet understood yet there are few researches that reveal that heart issues, stroke and college arteries can be linked to infections and inflammations that are often caused by oral bacteria.
  • Endocarditis: Endocardium is the name given to the infection of the inner lining of the valves or heart chambers when germs or bacteria from other part of your body spread through the bloodstream and get attached to other parts of your heart.
  • Pneumonia: There are certain bacteria that stay inside your mouth that can be pulled to your lungs and this leads to pneumonia and several other respiratory diseases.
  • Pregnancy complications: Periodontitis is linked with premature birth or low weight during birth.

Once your dental health is spoilt, you may have to spend a large part of your income in getting them treated from your doctor. Dental health insurance is also offered to people and you can also use credit card rebates while paying for your dental health. Click here to know more on credit card processing. The more you are wise about your oral health; you can keep your finances under control.

Best practices for proper oral health and health teeth

Just as there are few home health care options like Spectrum Health Care that can provide you with the best health professionals, you can also seek help of dental health care options. But here are few DIY steps to take:

  • Brush your teeth every night
  • Don’t neglect your tongue
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing is as important as brushing
  • Use mouthwash
  • Drink water
  • Limit sugar and acidic foods

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the ways in which your dental health can affect your overall health, make sure you take the required steps to keep your dental health as good as your physical health.

Sheri Croll