Everything you need to know about the end-of-tenancy cleaning

Everything you need to know about the end-of-tenancy cleaning

If you are yet to build your dream home, you would look for a property on rent. You would look for a place that is homely and incorporate maximum items in your wish list. One of the most important requirements is cleanliness. You would like the house you are renting to be thoroughly clean which is also your right as a tenant.  While everyone prioritizes cleaning while taking a property but tend to overlook it when leaving one. It is equally important to ensure that you leave a rented property not only habitable but also perfectly neat and clean. This is why cleaning companies are providing a new specialized service called the end-of-tenancy cleaning services. You can hire a professional company like the strata cleaning services for the job or can choose to do it yourself. If you are considering professional deep cleaning, here are a few things you should know about the end-of-tenancy cleaning.


  • Who should do the end-of-lease cleaning?


If the landlord has assigned you the property in a very clean condition, it is you, the tenant’s responsibility to leave it clean when you are moving out. Any lack of hygiene could be an invitation to health hazards and infestations like molds, pests, etc. Any such thing can damage the property and also be a major issue for the people who will be renting the place later. Also, such cleaning is expensive and the landlord can bill the tenant for it.


  • Why Should I do the move out cleaning?


One obvious reason for doing the moving-out cleaning is that it is your moral duty. When you have acquired the property in a clean state you should leave it at least in the same state, if not better. Tenants are also compelled by the legal agreement to maintain the property well. The agreement also has the provision of the security deposit which the landlord can keep if the property is damaged in any way or is not properly cleaned.


  • Whether the landlord is supposed to help?


If you want to get the cleaning done by a professional company, your landlord can help. Most landlords, who are in the business for a long time are in touch with such companies and can suggest the one who does the job well in affordable pricing. If you are in good terms with your landlord, you can definitely ask for help.


  • When should I do it myself?


End-of-lease cleaning is important and there are some conditions in which it can be beneficial to do it yourself.

  • You had acquired a small or shared property
  • The property was not furnished
  • You had been deep cleaning the property every month
  • You want to curb your expenses
  • You have experience in end-of-tenancy cleaning 
  • You have enough time to do the job before handing over the key



  • When is it better to hire professional cleaners?


In some cases, the end-of-lease cleaning can be a lot more demanding and you would need a professional to do it right.

  • You have a large property or a well-furnished property
  • You are allergic to dust or other allergens
  • You do not have much time and want the job done quickly and reliably
  • You neither have the experience nor the equipment to clean