Everything You Need To Know About The Munchkin Cat Breed

Everything You Need To Know About The Munchkin Cat Breed

Have you recently adopted a Munchkin cat? These “sausage” creatures are unmistakable owing to their short-legged stature, dwarf-like body, and alert facial expressions.

Munchkins compensate for their short limbs with remarkable intelligence, incredible hunting skills, and extrovert personality. Adopting such a feline means earning a devoted and loyal companion for as long as it lives.

This breed of felines isn’t susceptible to serious health problems, which is of tremendous importance for pet parents. Taking such pet to regular vet visits and providing a healthy diet is more than enough for its health to thrive.

Here is everything you need to know before adopting a Munchkin.

Physical attributes

Munchkin felines are well known for their distinct physical structure, featuring a thick body, supported by four amazingly short legs. Their forelegs and hind legs are almost identical in length, even though the latter tend to be a tad longer. These short-legged creatures are insanely cute due to their flat forehead, and high cheekbones. The eyes in the shape of walnuts even further contribute to theircharm, providing them with a constant vigilant expression.

In terms of coat, the Munchkin cats are equipped with a semi-long fur that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Despite the silky texture, their coat is suitable for all kinds of weather, providing resistance to various climate conditions. The medium undercoat is not only beneficial for withstanding below-zero temperatures but it equips them with a shiny appearance as well.

Personality traits

Similar to other cats, Munchkins are known for their outgoing nature and surprising intelligence. For further guidance on the temperament of Munchkin felines, you are advised to visit official site, providing detailed information about the physical and personality traits of these creatures. Their tiny legs pose no obstructions when it comes to socializing with long-legged cats and humans. In fact, the sociable personality enables them to be loyal companions of humans and whimsical friends of both canines and felines.

Although Munchkins can run fast, their jumping ability is somewhat restricted. Jumping onto chairs, sofas, and beds presents no issue, as long as objects are shorter than a kitchen counter. Most pet parents find their inability to jump high incredibly convenient.

In terms of intelligence, these furry creatures are amazingly clever, hence requiring owners to constantly challenge their brains. There is an extensive variety of puzzle toys to try playing with such cats in return for a nice treat.

Ultimately, Munchkins are believed to be skilled hunters and keen lovers of games that include chasing prey. These felines are particularly peculiar for their habit of stealing tiny objects and hiding them in a safe location until it’s time to once again engage in play. Go to the following link, http://www.animalplanet.com/pets/top-5-fun-cat-games/, to check out some of the funniest games to play with your feline companion.

Potential health problems

Despite the general opinion, this breed develops no spinal problems and has no genetic predisposition to the most common feline diseases. Their short-legged stature causes no medical conditions, which is why this breed is considered as one of the healthiest among felines.

As long as you follow the preventative guidelines of your veterinarian and take your pet to the required immunizations, you have nothing to be concerned about regarding the development of severe health issues. It’s natural for these cats to experience hyperthyroidism, referring to a hormonal imbalance, manifested with sudden weight loss, dehydration, and diarrhea.

In addition, Munchkins are likely to experience pancreatitis or uremia. The former refers to the inflammation of the pancreas, while the latter is widely known as a common kidney disorder among cats.


Regarding diet and nutrition, this breed of felines doesn’t differentiate from the diet requirements of the other domestic cat breeds. Wet cat food is believed to be more beneficial for the overall health of felines than dry kibble, owing to the high levels of proteins and low quantity of carbohydrates. Make sure you consult a veterinarian in case your pet becomes overweight, as obesity is common in this breed of cats.

Bottom line

When looking for an outgoing, loyal, and clever feline companion, Munchkin is the right choice of pet!

Donald Phillips