Everything you Need to Know about Traffic Control Stencils

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Traffic control stencils are one of the simplest yet effective tools used for keeping traffic in control. They play a very important role in preventing accidents on the roads and ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike. These traffic control stencils are specifically designed to help in organizing traffic flow, maintaining order and providing visual cues regarding any upcoming driving situations or conditions. With the amount of traffic increasing every year, it has become essential to use these traffic control stencils for reducing dangerous traffic problems.

Put simply, traffic stencils refer to the symbols and words that are directly painted on roadways and sidewalks for providing pedestrians and drivers with helpful information. The specific symbols that are used can vary as per location, but the use of standardized traffic stencils can lead to safer travel for everyone. Reusable and high quality traffic stencils allow a handful of people to apply plenty of traffic control markings in a very short amount of time. There are a variety of traffic stencils that you can find, including:

  • Words, such as school zone, yield
  • Direction arrows, such as right turn or straight arrow or left turn only arrow
  • Lane designation stencils, such as bike lane symbols
  • Curbside pavement stencils, such as fire lane, loading zone or no parking

In order to ensure that these traffic control stencils are effective, there are some application guidelines that should be followed and these are:

  • All stencils should be legible and clear
  • All stencils should present a single and clear message
  • All stencils should be visible from a distance
  • The material used for making the stencils should be long lasting and durable to prevent long term maintenance
  • The stencils should not be detrimental to the driver in any condition

To comply with these guidelines, the traffic control stencils are usually made from pavement paint or thermoplastic.

Custom Traffic Control Stencils

While the standard stencils that are used for traffic control are effective in most situations, some companies may find themselves needing irregularly sized or unique traffic control symbols. In this case, they can opt for custom traffic control stencils. There are a plethora of services that specialize in creating custom and high quality traffic control stencils. They use a state of the art CNC router and have fast turnaround times, which make them highly useful. You can mention your special requirements in terms of cut, shape and design and get them made quickly.

However, bear in mind that when you opt to invest in traffic control stencils, whether standardized or custom, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. You need to ensure that the stencils you are getting are of the right thickness. Too thin stencils have uneven symbols and the paint seeps around the edges if they are used on a smooth surface. The dimensions of the stencils vary upon your requirement and should also be checked; you don’t want them to be too small or too big. Lastly, consider the material being used to make the stencils in order to ensure they are reusable.