Explore Your Options for the Smart Value Networking Deals

Explore Your Options for the Smart Value Networking Deals

Having a large and diverse network ensures that you develop a broader outlook on life. By knowing different people you gain understanding for these people and the situation they find themselves in. There are situations that you may never experience yourself, but which you will understand thanks to knowing the person in question.

This also applies to knowing people from other countries. When you experience a different culture you find that some things that you experience as ‘normal’   are not normal at all, or vice versa.

Both on a business and personal level you can come to all kinds of new insights and thus gain life experience. This is one of the reasons why having experience abroad is seen as a plus when applying for a job. 

Gaining life experience contributes to being a good manager, leader, or just a good friend. Knowing many (different) people, in other words having a large and diverse network plays an important role in self-development. The more life experience you have, the better you are able to put things into perspective.


Constantly showing yourself and meeting new people will build valuable social skills and confidence that you can take with you wherever you go. The more you network, the more you grow and learn how to make sustainable connections. With the Douglas Williams model you can grow along with your friends.


The benefit of friendship

The core of your network consists of the people who really mean a lot to you, colleagues become friends. The benefit of friendship doesn’t necessarily bring you business benefits, it can actually cost you more than it does.

Despite the fact that it does not always yield immediate results, the core of your network is extremely valuable. It is important that there are people in your life who understand you, who you can rely on, who stand behind you, regardless of the presence of business benefits. Easy said, people need people.

Why is networking so important?

All in all, we can therefore conclude that a network is important. You create your own community of people who help and advice each other. A community that keeps you informed of developments within your industry; of new products, companies, projects, developments and jobs. This is a community that can provide emotional support. This is a community that gives direction to your life, but also a community in which you can significantly influence the lives of other people.

Some Last Words

Networking is building relationships with people and investing time and energy in them with the aim of sharing information, knowledge and contacts with each other. Building a valuable network is just as important as a good website with valuable content in combination with a good social media strategy. Many entrepreneurs believe that using LinkedIn alone is enough to build a valuable network. But nothing is less true. Networking is often underestimated, while it can yield a lot. In this blog I will give you 4 reasons why networking is so valuable.