Full House Poker hand and its features

Full House Poker hand and its features

Poker is a famous card game, where a single card does not mean too much. Cards’ combinations (called usually hands) play the main role here. So, the player’s main task is to collect the better hand than their opponent will manage to get, beat it, win, and take the bank. Full House Poker hand is one of the coolest game combinations.

Full House Poker: about this Poker combination

Full House is the case when a player has collected three cards of the same suit + a pair consisting of two other cards. Full house is considered, for example, three jacks and two 10s. Usually, when this combination appears and the player wants to inform their opponents about it, the rank of three cards is first called, and then the pair.

For example, with A-A-A-5-5, they say “Aces complemented by fives”” or “Aces full of fives”. According to the rules of Poker, this hand consists of 3 cards of the same value and 2 cards of (also the same value).

Another option: three sixes and two Queens (the player can have different suits). When several players have Full House Poker hand, the face value of the cards of the three is taken into account. The winner is the person whose combination will be higher in rank. If the cards are equivalent, the pairs are considered – the Poker player with the most valuable cards wins. If there is an equality, the bank will be divided equally.

Probability of getting Full House Poker

From the point of view of mathematics, this can appear with the following probabilities:

If the Flop managed to get 3 cards (the rank must be the same), the Turn will have a 13% probability. With the River, this figure rises to 30%.

If the top 3 cards were obtained on the Turn, then Full House Poker chance is 19%.

When a gambler holds 2 pairs of cards with the same value on the Flop, then the Turn will have a probability of 8.5%. (On the River –16%).

It might seem that the probability to get this hand falling is very small. However, in Poker, these numbers are considered very good. Compared to the Straight Flush, the chance to collect this hand is hundreds of times higher.

Which combinations can Full House Poker hand beat (and be beaten by)

It is obvious that this hand beats Three of a Kind, a Pair, and the highest card. However, one Full House Poker hand can beat another similar combination.

For instance, three Aces and two Kings will be bigger than three Kings and two Aces. Thus, the player with the highest three cards wins. The hand is beaten by Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.

Danny White