Get Lifetime of experience from Your Wildlife Safari in Kenya

Get Lifetime of experience from Your Wildlife Safari in Kenya

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The very mention of words like ‘safari’ or ‘wildlife’ ring in our mind along with ‘Africa’. This ancient continent has been long known for its treasures, vibrant culture and intrinsic connection with wild nature. And a safari in Kenya considered to be the most experiential.

Africa had always been the topmost preferable destination for wildlife tourists, photographers and nature enthusiasts. Kenya lists among the top popular tourists destinations. Kenya is almost synonymous with safari. In fact very few African countries have has these many variations of wildlife attractions. From the great Maasai Mara to giant elephants, witness the innumerable flocks of flamingos at Lake Nakuru. You  canalso witness wild animals in their natural habitat, living in that eternally spread vast land. See the ancient tribes living in harmony, close to  the mother Earth.

Kenya has almost an endless list of wildlife attractions to offer you. One can find the best options on Safarihub.

Safarihub provides a vast range of options to chose from, for best safari experience in Kenya. A short list is given below –

  1. Camp Safari

It includes group safari of 10 days, and has lots of destination options to chose from. It primarily offers Tanzania and Kenya highlight lodge safari, Follow the Migration Camping Safari, wild side camping safari etc. It comes in group tour format and the price of the packages range from $1210 to $4250.

  1. Luxury Safari

If you want to have premium quality safari experience, then Safarihub provides a range of quality safari experiences. Such as SKY SAFARI KENYA CONNOISSEUR, ELEWANA SKY SAFARI – CLASSIC KENYA, FAMILY SAFARI KENYA etc. The safaris are conducted for private groups, such as family and friends. The price ranges from $2760 to $6786.

  1. Sky Safari

Safarihub’s another prominent speciality is that it offers wide varieties of ‘flying safari’. It is not just a unique concept but it also gives the tourists a different perspective of the wildlife. Safarihub’s Sky Safari packages are ULTIMATE FLY IN SAFARI, ELEWANA SKY SAFARI – CLASSIC KENYA, SKY SAFARI KENYA CONNOISSEUR etc. Price ranges from $2000  to $6380.

Safarihub ensures best stay at premium class international resort and hotel chains, which include Hyatt, Diamonds hotel and resorts, Lemala, Singita, PLANHOTEL. Not just this, Safarihub also presents special offers time to time.  So if you’re looking for wildlife safari in Kenya. Then wait no more.

Clare Louise