Here’s What Experts Say They Spend on RV Maintenance

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If you are interested in buying an RV, how much you should expect to pay for maintenance is likely a question weighing on your mind. While it would be wonderful to have an expert that could give you a bottom-line cost of annual maintenance, long-time RVers all seem to agree on one thing, “that answer depends.” After all, the cost to upkeep a 15-year old motor coach or travel trailer can cost far more than new models.

However, once that warranty expires, some owners find themselves facing serious repair costs with certain models, regardless of their initial high price tag. Other factors will also depend on how much work owners are willing to (or can) do themselves regarding maintenance and repairs. Most experts report spending and average of $1,500-5,000 annually on RV maintenance.

Full time travel trailer residents recommend setting aside between $100-200 per month in a reserve fund, so that unexpected repairs don’t set you back or force you to max out credit cards.  However, they also offer a bit of advice concerning how to save money on RV maintenance.

Tips for Cutting Costs on RV Maintenance

It’s important to remember that many of the same items you can buy in stores or online are the same as what can be purchased from an RV dealership. Dealerships charge premium rates for supplies and repairs, so finding other routes can save a lot of cash. Furthermore, there are also qualified individuals that can perform many services outside of a dealership.

For example, flooring professionals and carpenters can handle tasks like installing floors, curtains and repairing built-in furniture. Sometimes, staff members who work at dealerships may offer their services when they are off duty at less than normal rates to earn extra cash.

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Donald Phillips