How Can I Clear My Red Eyes?

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Red eyes are an indication that something, of not many things, is wrong with your eyes. It is not healthy for your eyes to be red, and you should avoid whatever that gives you red eyes.

Red eyes are a condition whereby the white area of the eyes becomes reddened or bloodshot. Some of the conditions or symptoms that cause red eyes include irritation, itching, dryness, pain, sensitivity to light, burning, blurry vision, allergies, etc.

Before going further to explain how you can clear red eyes, it is good to know that red eyes are caused when the tiny blood vessels on the white part of the eyes become dilated or enlarged. This may relate to a serious condition or something mild. Regardless, here are how you can clear your red eyes:

  1. Contact an Optometrist

Before you start treating red eyes, it would be better to know the cause as red eyes is a symptom of several eye conditions. Therefore, see your optometrist for a thorough examination of your eyes. An optometrist will examine your eyes considering your eye health history and factors and give correct treatment.

  1. Compress

When you have red eyes, which are an indication of dilated vessels in the eye, you can place a warm or cool compress over the eyes. The compress will calm the dilated vessels and makes them relax, and that will make your eyes white again. This treatment is home-made and easy to do.

  1. Artificial Tears

Tears lubricate the eyes and help to remove dirt. You may not feel like crying, but having years comes out of your eyes will help to get rid of red eyes. There are artificial tears (products) you can buy over-the-counter to keep your eyes healthy. You may need to refrigerate the product of cool one is recommended.

  1. Change Contact

Wearing contact lenses (excessively) can also result in red eyes. To get rid of bloodshot eyes, try and replace your contact lenses and see if there are changes. The materials in some contact lenses can give you red eyes. Therefore, if you have red eyes after wearing contact lenses, you should see your optometrist to change the type of contact lenses recommended for you.

  1. Avoid Allergy-induced Products or Food

Red eyes are also an indication of allergies. You may have to avoid makeup or choose hypoallergenic makeup to stop red eyes and have white eyes again.

See your optometrist before using an over-the-counter eye drops. Some eye drops will make your eyes more reddish, and you may not know. It is, therefore, advisable to seek an expert’s opinion to make an informed decision for treating red eyes.