How Hospitals Use A.I. To Save Patients In 2020

How Hospitals Use A.I. To Save Patients In 2020

The implications of Artificial Intelligence in various hospitals have proved very beneficial for both doctors and patients. To know more about the implications of AI in hospitals it is first necessary to ascertain what exactly AI is.

Artificial Intelligence is the science of making smarter computer programs that can provide solutions faster than the human brain. Through high machine learning and computer algorithms AI is able to come to a conclusion without any human input.

AI has a very prominent role in the healthcare industry helping to eliminate errors and provide instant reports of patients. Hospitals are now utilizing the benefits of AI in healthcare which are able to predict acute disease well in advance. Companies like JDE, IBM and Google have in depth research on AI Technology providing fruitful solutions to many hospitals all over the globe.

With the advent of COVID 19 pandemic there was an acute shortage of medical supplies all around the world. AI has played a role in this too helping ascertain a patient’s daily progress and help medical workers with quick responses to emergencies. Artificial Intelligence has a very important role to play in the healthcare system in the new era.

Help to ascertain Clinical aid timely

Many hospitals use AI to diagnose patients in order to get results that are satisfactory. Artificial Intelligence algorithm analyses what the body is going through. Through deep machine learning it is able to provide a solution to the cause.

The deep learning algorithm can predict breast cancer metastasis well in advance allowing patients to take precautions and avoid the disease. Artificial Intelligence can also predict early stages of cancer and help eliminate the disease. AI through algorithms examines all medical records, health conditions and genetic information to provide best medical care and avoid the disease.

Robotic Surgery

Artificial intelligence has a very wide implication in the robotic industry guiding robots and doctors to avoid unnecessary errors. Heart surgeons use a miniature robot and with a small incision enter the chest of the patient. This helps doctors to achieve mapping and then start therapy for better results.

JDE Genius AI products have helped many hospitals with high quality results and predictions to save many lives. AI assisted robots can guide doctors during surgery based on pre op medical records. Doctors with the help of AI can use the instruments as guided by these AI enabled robots. This will avoid any errors that would have been possible without AI.

One of the most prominent implications of AI into hospitals is the virtual nurses. They are available round the clock. These AI enabled robots aid patients and provide answers to their questions. Virtual nurse assistants have enabled better communications between nurses and patients round the clock eliminating regular visits to the hospitals.

Administration and Workflow

Artificial Intelligence can be of great use in the administration and workflow of any hospital. With the implication of AI into administration a lot of the errors can be minimized. This in return can save money of hospitals all around the world minimizing human interference.

Machines can do voice to text transcription in order to listen to patients and suggest prescriptions for medication. AI can analyze thousands of medical papers and ascertain physicians with treatment plans.

Check Symptoms in patients

Artificial Intelligence uses algorithms to diagnose patients and then find the best treatment. Hospitals have installed this AI software which helps to check symptoms in patients. There is a Chabot which listens to the patients and then decides what best medication can be prescribed.

This AI machine is able to provide solutions very similar to human results without their interference. AI with the help of patient’s radiology images, EKGs, genomics and blood tests can give doctors more insight on the matter. These unstructured medical data with the help of a deep learning platform help analyze the perfect steps to be taken.


With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in hospitals there is a more sense of security among doctors and patients.

This healthy environment created among doctors and patients helps in better healthcare all around the globe. It is estimated that within 10 to 15 years AI will have a very big influence in hospitals all around the globe.

Donald Phillips