How to Choose Student Accommodation in Southampton

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If you’re heading to the University of Southampton this year you’ve likely got a lot planning to be ready for the new semester – finding suitable accommodation is probably at the top of this list.

Choosing the right student accommodation is essential for a good year at university, as you want to have all the right boxes checked to ensure you’re living somewhere suitable. There is a lot to think about though so here are some tips for how to choose student accommodation in Southampton.  

Set a Budget

The price of student accommodation can be surprising for first-time students but it’s hard to avoid the costs – the broke student stereotype exists for a reason! Thankfully, Southampton does have a nice range of student accommodation options so there is usually something to cater to most budgets.

So, you want to set a budget before you look for anything, as this lets you know what’s in your price range and what you can avoid, saving a lot time and effort when choosing accommodation. Halls of residence is often the cheapest option for accommodation, although certain private accommodations are also available for a reasonable price.

Always have a budget in mind and be prepared to have some wiggle room if you’re struggling to find anything in your price range.

Consider Location

Location can make or break student accommodation so make sure to think about this when choosing somewhere to live. For instance, halls of residence in Southampton are typically found nearby to university campuses, so this means you can get to classes quite quickly.

You may prefer somewhere that is located at the heart of Southampton though, as these offer better access to shopping, transport links, and many places to socialise. These are often the most expensive places to stay though!

Other student accommodation that is found on the outskirts of Southampton may be more budget friendly. However, the time and money spent on commuting may not make it as worthwhile as you think, so consider the distance of your accommodation from things like the university, shops, libraries etc.

Halls of Residence or Private Accommodation?

The two main options for student accommodation in Southampton are halls of residence and private accommodation. Halls of residence is accommodation owned by the university and involves sharing many facilities with other students.

Price and location tend to be great, although the lack of privacy may be offputing for some, as you need to share a lot of things and can expect a fair amount of noise. That said, halls of residence offer an amazing social experience and the chance to meet new people – just be prepared to deal with a fair amount of noise and partying!

Private accommodation is essentially living in a private flat or studio apartment. They cost a lot more but offer an incredible amount on independence that many students desire. These can be shared or individual accommodation, with the former usually being a bit cheaper.

While some private accommodation does seem expensive, many companies include all utilities and many services with this price, reducing the overall cost of staying here. Plus, you get to enjoy the upmost privacy while having more choice over the location.


Danny White