Irrespective of whether you are a first-year student or not, going back to school for a new session can get a bit overwhelming. Moving back to your York University residence after spending some time at home, could leave you feeling homesick. Here are a few foolproof tips on how to cope with back to school blues. These tips would help you to get through university seamlessly.

  1.    Go through your study modules attentively:

Once you know that your module guides are available, go through them keenly. This way you will understand what you would be studying through the semester. Knowing what you will be studying would help to reduce last minute stress and anxiety as you would know what to expect. The beginning of the semester is like a calm before the storm and it is always best to prepare in advance.

  1.    Get yourself a planner:

The module handbook is your guide to picking the key dates for important things like your exams, coursework, revision sessions and more. Get a planner and mark them on it. It will help you to divide your workload and also help you be more visual.

  1.    Make a study plan:

Know what works for you, whether it is studying alone or in a group. Figure out your study routine at the beginning of the semester. If you prefer to study alone, find a quite well-lit place for yourself. Try and avoid studying in front of the tv or any place where you could get easily distracted.

  1.    Rise with the sun:

Waking up early seems like a difficult task but it is extremely helpful once you get into the habit. During induction week, your days don’t have a real structure and lectures don’t run as normal. So even if you are tempted to stay in bed longer, then force yourself to get out. If you have a fixed schedule, then you would never be late for class again.

  1.    Enjoy yourself:

Yes, you joined the university to learn, making memories is also an important aspect of it. University is a place where you broaden your horizons. At university, there are people from different cultural backgrounds who come together to study. It is an experience to meet new people and learn about new cultures. If you are staying in York university residences, you can also attend the house parties.  

Donald Phillips