How to Disinfect Your House and Keep it Clean?

How to Disinfect Your House and Keep it Clean?

Due to the recent outbreak of novel coronavirus COVID-19, the need to disinfect our house and keeping ourselves sanitize has increased. As a precautionary measure, the government of various countries including India has imposed a total lockdown on their people. On 11th March 2020, World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic and issued certain guidelines in which they talk about how important it is to sanitize or wash our hands regularly and disinfect our house and keep it clean. Given below are some of the things or places in your house that you can sanitize with disinfecting cleaner or wipes and protect yourself and your loved ones:

Start Killing Germ In Your Bedroom And Drawing Room

You should first start with the bedroom and drawing-room, where you hang out and spend most of your time. Unfortunately, these are the places where germs hang out too. You should disinfect these rooms by washing all bed linens at least once a week in hot water and keeping food and snacks limit to the dining room as crumbs attract bacteria.

In your drawing room clean your telephone, TV remote, coffee table, video controller, TV screen, and basically everything that you touch more often, with a disinfectant wipe. Always vacuum your carpets and furniture, so no bacteria can grow on it.

It’s Time For Your Laundry Room

This is the misconception that many have that laundry room is one of the cleanest places in the house. Well, it is not as all the dirty laundry from your house goes inside the washing machine and can attract bacteria and viruses. To keep them away and your washing machine fresh, make sure you run your washer empty with a cup of bleach once a week. Dry your laundry at the highest temperature the fabric can stand as it will kill germs.

Clean Railings And Doorknobs

Germs can stay on things such as doorknobs, railings, cabinet handles, faucets, lamps, and light switches for a longer period. It is advisable to sanitize these surfaces once a week with disinfecting cleaner or wipes. It is highly recommended if someone in your family is sick.

Wipe Down Your Home Office

With the lockdown due to the coronavirus, most of us are working from home and are constantly using computer keyboards, mouse, desktops, and telephones. These things are the common breeding grounds for germs, especially if you are eating while working. You should sanitize these things with disinfecting cleaner. You should also wipe the laptop’s screen with a damp microfiber cloth.

Scour Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you rinse off all the germs. But that doesn’t mean you should not clean your bathroom as after these germs get off your body, they spread in the bathroom and eventually get back inside your rooms. Make sure you clean your tub, sink, floors, toilet bowl, and shower and always keep the lid down.

Make sure you disinfect the above-mentioned places in your homes. And to ensure overall protection, you should buy a health insurance policy. Health insurance will take care of you financially in a time of need.

Donald Phillips