How To Green Your Home

How To Green Your Home

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There are quite a few reasons to incorporate green techniques and technologies into your home. Some people like it for the more natural look and feel it can lend to their living space. Other people just like knowing that they’re doing something nice for the planet. But whatever the reasons there’s one solid fact that everyone can agree on. Going green is usually one of the best choices they’ve made for their homes. But it’s not always the easiest process. It can take a while to really get a knack for green-oriented design principles. However, a few tips are usually enough to build a solid foundation. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is a form of engineering. One doesn’t need to put together solid blueprints or the like. But it is usually a good idea to create a basic plan of action. This is often done by just jotting down a simple layout of one’s house or apartment. This can make it a lot easier to write down any ideas or concerns which might occur during the planning phase. 

One should also consider the underlying reason for going green. If one wants to save electricity then it’s a good idea to note current spendings. If someone wants to reduce waste then it’s important to find a metric to measure it. And, if someone wants to add a natural calming feeling to the environment then it’s a good idea to continually note how people relate to changes. 

Next, it’s usually wise to begin with, the smallest changes that offer larger benefits. On top of the list for most people it’s insulation. It is the easiest to test this on cold windy days. People only need to place their hands near a door or window edge to determine if cold air is entering into the home. But one can accomplish something similar by just placing thermometers in the center of a room and closer to door or window edges. Though this can lead to perplexing discoveries. For example, many people note significant heat loss through windows even when the insulation holds. 

This is one of the reasons why green windows have become so popular. Green windows have better internal buffering to protect against environmental changes. This means that there’s less temperature leak between each side of the pane. They’re considered a hallmark of green design because they can dramatically reduce energy expenditure through climate control. 

Next, one can consider whether solar panels might be an appropriate design choice. These can even be a nice accessory indoors next to a window. They’ll soak up additional heat from the sun during hot summer days. This will also reduce costs for air conditioning. But on top of this it can be used to power small electronics such as battery chargers. 

Another easy change can come from one’s lighting needs. Incandescent bulbs are still the norm in many places. But they use far more energy than either LED or CFL lighting. The latter lighting systems are often as easy to replace as getting a different type of bulb. This is another one of those green upgrades that take almost no time or effort but which can bring about huge savings in the long term. 


Danny White