How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Sceptics may tell you that the only way to pass a hair drug test is to not do drugs, but with the number of false positives that any drug testing results in, this isn’t actually as 100% fool proof as they would have you believe.

Of course, chances are you are on this page because you have actually be legitimately exposed to marijuana, and have discovered that despite the fact that it is rapidly being legalised all over America, when you go in next week you are facing the very real possibility of having to undergo a hair drug test.

Why Are You Getting Drug Tested?

A lot of places have regular drug screenings as part of their standard employment contract, particularly if they are a federally endorsed business or a federal branch of the government, as although Marijuana is legal in many states, it is still illegal for federal employees.

This is also why certain prospective employees have to undergo drug testing, for example police officers.

In some workplaces it is a legal requirement for them to maintain their contracts, in others it is purely a safety issue, while in others still it is simply the policy of the owner who dislikes drugs. If you have agreed to the contract then you are legally obliged to obey it, or leave. However, if you fail a mandated drug test the consequences may be that you are terminated.

What Is A Marijuana Hair Test Looking For?

A hair drug test is looking for two things in your hair. The first is surface traces of the actual drug, and the second is metabolite markers that show THC was been consumed. Surface traces of marijuana may be detected if you have vaped or smoked cannabis, or if you have simply passed by someone who was smoking. With THC metabolite markers the implication is that you have had marijuana in your blood stream, that has been processed by your liver.

How Am I Going To Pass My Drug Test?

In order to pass your hair strand analysis testing you are going to convince the test that there are no unusual substances in your hair. Although cleaning the surface layer isn’t so difficult, trying to get to get underneath the scales of the outer cuticle layer can be very difficult. This is why you will need to find a good THC detox shampoo for a drug test.

What the detox shampoos do is either strip the cuticle layer from each strand of hair, soften it enough to allow the layers underneath to be cleaned, or lift the scales on the cuticle layer so that a deep cleansing shampoo can reach the inner layers.

Because these shampoos usually have a base of either propylene glycol or ammonia, there is a misconception that bleaching your hair with an ammonia-based hair dye will be just as effective. It won’t. When you fail your drug test after trying this method feel free to post a blog about it to warn others. This also goes for methods that suggest soaking your head in bleach – this is more likely to cause your hair to fall out, along with your skin, as well as cause damage to your soft tissue.

What Is Propylene Glycol?

Believe it or not, this popular solution to beating a drug test is actually a vegetable based synthetic substance that is not only popular in beauty products, but also is used in the food industry (see here for uses). It helps to soften the hair, and this is partially what makes it useful as a shampoo for removing traces of drugs.

Because it is able to soften the outer hair cuticle layer, if you then use a secondary deep cleaning shampoo this shampoo will now be able to penetrate through to the inner shaft – something that needs to be done in order to remove the traces of drugs, but is not easily done otherwise.

The problem with many of the shampoos on the market, whether they are specifically aimed at detoxing your hair or just providing a deep cleanse, most do not have a high enough concentration of propylene glycol to be truly effective.



Donald Phillips