How to Replace Gangways with Bridges for Your Dock 

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The difference between a bridge and a gangway may appear subtle at first, but it is actually a highly detailed difference. Gangways call back to the older days of being a boat builder and shimmying along narrow passageways. Bridges are more convenient and look better next to existing bulk heads or other structures.

Benefits of Bridges

Bridges hold pretty much every advantage for your dockside needs.

The biggest advantage is that bridges are wider and sturdier than gangways. This means that with larger model brides you can drive a car across them!

More modest sized bridges are still able to handle smaller, more recreational vehicles like gold carts and ATVs. This sturdier build also means that your guests using mobility scooters will have no trouble getting out to your dock.

Bridges are also built to be much more reliable structures. Many modern models have handrails which can save your guests from an embarrassing tip over your bulk heads.

This added durability also means that bridges can handle harsh weather much better than gangways can. No more worrying about your gangways collapsing when the rainy season comes. Bridges can weather the storm.

The Versatile Design of Bridges and Bulk Heads

There’s another benefit of using bridge gangways rather than traditional gangways and that is there appearance.

What does it say to your guests when they are heading to your dock and the first thing they see is a narrow gangway? You want them to see a welcoming pathway out to your dock. Bridges can be strong and nautical in theme for fishing docks or they can be relaxed and open for more casual parties.

Bridges offer not only more stability, but also a better design for your dock.

Danny White