How To Track My Wife’s Phone Without Having Her Phone

How To Track My Wife’s Phone Without Having Her Phone

Are things going south with the missus and you can’t seem to get to the bottom of it? Is there another guy disturbing your relationship and you don’t know what to do? No worries. If you’re seeing signs that you’re wife is cheating on you, then you better get smart about it and install a tracking spy app on her phone right now! You can do this without even touching her phone at all.

Mobile tracker apps are smartphone applications that you can download on any operating system for tracking down the device’s location and monitoring some of its activity. Most of them are able to act as keyloggers (storing every keystroke), they can record conversations and most importantly the GPS location of the device. There’s an overwhelming range of apps available for this, many of which you can even install without even having the phone you want to surveil in your hands physically.

Tracking apps can be an extremely useful tool in your daily life. From tracking fitness to vigilant parenting, you can monitor your loved ones and ensure their safety. And in case that loved one is a cheating-wife, a spy app may be exactly what you need.

JJSPY Tracker App

Able to track SMS, emails, keep call records and precise GPS locations. It’s a very powerful tool that even you to record audio or even make a video. JJSPY allows the user to maintain an anonymous and invisible presence. It works best on all Apple devices, iPhones, iPads.


One of the best mobile tracking apps in business which will completely stay loyal to you throughout. It will maintain a safe distance from being noticed by your wife who will have no idea that she has it on her phone. All you have to do is send her an email with a hyperlinked image that will secretly prompt her phone to install the app in the background without even letting her know. It will safely record the calls, log the text messages and note down the locations too. mSpy is available for Android users and can prove to be quite successful and flexible with the target phone’s security systems.


A reliable partner that will go to every length to keep an eye on a cheating wife. Its strong control panel will help you track her phone down and monitor all her cellular shenanigans. FoneMonitor will let you see all the texts exchanged from her phone even via Whatsapp, record every incoming or outgoing voice calls, contacts and gallery. The best thing about it is that it’s available for both Android and iOS.


Originally designed for parental control for the Android devices, it is an advanced tool that will stay hidden and whisper all the information you need in your ears without telling anyone. Accessing text messages and even Whatsapp messages from a discrete remote location is no problem for Appspy.


Also originally a parental control device, with full options, easy, effective and simple to use. It’s completely untraceable and leaves no footprint behind constantly providing you updates on locations, texts and the whole Whatsapp activity on the target phone. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

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