How To Upgrade a Club’s Golf Services

How To Upgrade a Club’s Golf Services

In the competitive field of managing a golf club, owners need to do everything they can to differentiate themselves. Customers expect exceptional service in every aspect, from caddies to golf shop personnel. Unless the owners can be there full time, which is rare, they are often looking for efficient ways to upgrade the client experience. More clubs, at least eighteen percent, are turning to third-party management companies to enhance customer service and increase profitability.

Assessing Areas of Improvement

It’s much more difficult for owners to see problem areas than it is for guests or outside parties. A third-party management company that has experience running multiple clubs can usually find areas of improvement very quickly. These club advisory services will discreetly assess a typical client’s visit to the club, from the on-course service to the golf shop or food and drinks afterwards. Given a company’s experience with multiple clubs, they will have unique ideas and best practices to share. Rest assured, there will be detailed lists of improvements for any facility.

Implementing Changes

Many owners are hesitant to have the initial assessment because the suggested changes might be time-consuming to implement. The best part about contacting a management company is that they actually fix agreed upon problems. They can train staff, craft updated policies and measure progress over several months’ time.

Adding Services

More clubs are finding it advantageous to utilize management companies for other services as well. Often, club owners are avid golf fans and even business savvy, but they aren’t necessarily experts in every field. A good facility requires outstanding customer service, financial management, human resource expertise and information technology. It can be overwhelming and lead to oversights in some areas. A management company will take direction from owners, who are ultimately still the decision makers but also efficiently run the club without needing direction on every detail. The cost is often mostly offset by the savings found and new clients attracted.

Owners have many decisions to make when running a successful golf club. Particularly when there are multiple opinions involved, a third-party management company can be the solution. One of the most important aspects of any club experience is outstanding service, and a competent outside company can assess areas of improvement. They will help implement any needed changes, and they can handle additional management responsibilities as well. It will take the stress out of ownership, as well as increase profitability.


Donald Phillips