How to Win In Maiden Horse Race Betting?How to Win In Maiden Horse Race Betting?

How to Win In Maiden Horse Race Betting?How to Win In Maiden Horse Race Betting?

Everyone wants to win the match, they like. But not everyone can put the minimum effort to research some stats and fix a strategy. If you want to win from the core of your heart then you have to accept challenges at every step. Betting on maiden Horse Racing Betting is a challenge itself. A maiden horse race is a race where none of the horses ever won a race. There will be some horses who are on the race field the first time. Can you understand the difficulty level now? But don’t worry, here with this article, you’ll know the basics tips to win every maiden horse race betting. Let’s see what those are.

Before going for the winning strategies, you must know what are the types of maiden horse race betting. These are mainly two types, Maiden Special Weights, and Maiden Claiming Races.

What is Maiden Special Weights?

The horses who are participating in this particular category has the potential to develop themselves up to a higher level. These horses can beat the strongest and fittest horses in near future. Every future champion horses start their career from Maiden Special Weights.

What is Maiden Claiming Races?

This category is the lower level of Maiden Special Weights. Those horses who have ranked low in the race or getting disqualified from the match, are becoming part of this section eventually. Sometimes, the horses are getting sold by the authority. But the price never exceeds more than $100,000.

Here is a little bit of advice for you. If you are a beginner then bet for maiden claiming races. It is easy to win.

Research on Stats of Players and Horse

Checking the stats of the past matches will be a great help. Though most of the horse has a bad record in maiden matches. But still, it will help you to have an idea who has a better chance. Here is the best solution for you. Don’t place your bet first. Check for some matches first. Watch carefully what the horses and jockeys are doing. If some jockeys have some special ability or surprising moments, then it will help you in the next match. Record all of these.

Know the Pedigree Analysis

Pedigree Analysis has helped a lot of gamblers in this matter. Whether it is Maiden Claiming Races or Maiden Special Weights, you can have an analysis of both. They thoroughly observe the horses and then announce the rating on it. A horse’s capacity, its speed, in which direction it will be thrown while turning, everything is giving by them with complete details.

Watching the reviews can help you in this matter too. The ranking is the review system here. You can see the ranking as ‘5/21’, like this. It means the horse was in the fifth position on the last match where total competitors were 21. On a horse race speed is everything. Speed can be determined by the ranking. Generally, for the horses, they show the performance in the morning, which doesn’t hamper the result at the evening match. So, for maiden horse betting, you need to be aware of these incidents which are rare for other races.

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