Know About The Flooring Trends In 2020

Know About The Flooring Trends In 2020

Resilient Flooring has been in the market for quite some time now. It is artificial flooring made from plastic, rubber, PVC, etc. The latest trend in these is Vinyl Flooring. These types of flooring are being widely used as this cost less in comparison to hardwood or marble or tiled flooring. Vinyl Flooring has become an in-demand choice for people because of its durability and strength. The other most important factor that led to its success is the attractive designs and themes that are available in these floorings. One can find designs that mimic laminate, wood or tiles, and many more. Take the world famous Kahrs Vinyl Flooring for example, and you will understand why it is preferred among Vinyl floor designs. It is water-resistant due to which it is most preferred in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. 

Designing Features of Vinyl Flooring

It is a man-made product manufactured in an industry, which is made of PVC. It is one of the best versatile floorings that are available in the market right now. Due to its attractive designs and themes, it is being preferred in both housing and commercial flooring. You can get two types of designs in Vinyl Flooring, those are:

  • Printed Vinyl: This type of designing consists of a wear layer and printed layers. The quality of this type of vinyl flooring can be determined by how thick the wear layer is. It is considered a good option for DIY floors. 
  • Inlaid Vinyl: It is an expensive one. It is on the higher side when considering the quality. It is heavy and needs professionals to get the flooring done. They are more durable than printed vinyl.

These two designs are available in all types of vinyl flooring. Another feature of this flooring is its finish which is achieved by surface coatings. There could be one or up to three coatings namely Vinyl No Wax, Urethane, and Enhanced Urethane. 

Installation of Vinyl Flooring

To successfully install the vinyl flooring, the base on which it is installed should be perfect. If the base is not smooth then you would not a beautiful finish, so most of the time very articulately sanded plywood is used as the subfloor for this flooring. It can also be laid on concrete but the important point is that the concrete surface should be smooth and should not have any bumps and dips in it.

Due to its easy installation process, you also get DIY kits from the market, but if you are not so confident about your skills it would be better to hire someone who can do it professionally and give you a smooth finish as the outcome.

Donald Phillips