Lottery Winner Used Scream Mask to Protect His Identity. Just Amazing!

Lottery Winner Used Scream Mask to Protect His Identity. Just Amazing!

Winning a jackpot at the most unsuspecting time is one of the best feelings in the world! It often leaves people numb and at a loss for words! Initially, most jackpot winners do not know how to handle all the attention and don’t know how to react. Every day, millions of people in India and all over the world try their luck at winning the lottery. Some win, some lose and only a select few hit jackpots. Some people spend their entire lives trying to bag a reward. When these dreams finally come true, however, most of these people don’t know how to handle their emotions.

Usually, lottery companies will make it a point to advertise your win. Even if they promise to keep your identity classified, they will make sure that as many people as possible know that a legitimate winner has been declared. This creates trust and hopes in future customers and often attracts a lot of business. That is why all jackpot winners usually rise to instant fame after their win. While it can be a good feeling to be famous, it can also be equally threatening as the fear of theft and damage due to other people with malicious intentions becomes evident. Hence, a lot of prize winners like to keep their identity a secret so that they remain unaffected by all these unwanted threats.

Scream Mask to Maintain Anonymity

Some others resort to innovative methods of maintaining anonymity. Recently, a lottery winner in Jamaica used a scream mask when he came to receive his prize money. He mentioned that he was not ready for all the attention that he would get if everyone knew that he was now a millionaire. He only mentioned his name in a quite cryptic manner to be A. Campbell. He arrived at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston to claim his huge prize money. He only came forward after the company that runs the lottery asked the winner to accept it within a deadline of 90 days. The jackpot winner claimed that he was startled about his win and couldn’t believe his fortune for a long time. He also mentioned that he plans to buy a new home and many other things he always dreamt of buying with his money.

It was also reported that some other person previously wore a smiley mask when he arrived to receive his prize money. Imagine the hysteria!

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Danny White