Makeover Your Tired Old Kitchen the Easy Way

Makeover Your Tired Old Kitchen the Easy Way

10 Small Kitchen Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

You do not have to spend a fortune on kitchen renovations and lose control of your cooking space for months on end. If you love your home but hate your kitchen, a few simple upgrades could make a world of difference.

Each of the kitchen updates on our list is inexpensive but effective. Some you can even do on your own, even if you are not very handy. Here are 10 easy ways to make your kitchen pop.

Hang a chalkboard

It doesn’t get much easier than this- if you know how to use a hammer and have a nail or hanging hook, you can use your new kitchen chalkboard to jot notes, write out recipes or calculate portions.

Add a new backsplash

If you’re the handy type, you can probably update your boring backsplash to something wonderful in a single afternoon. If not, this simple home upgrade should not cost you much.

Add some storage

Your kitchen storage solutions can be as simple as a wicker basket under the sink or as elaborate as a set of shelves or hanging hooks. When you’re done, everything will have a place, so you can focus on your cooking.

Swap out your cabinet hardware

You do not have to spend a fortune on new kitchen cabinets, not when you can give your old ones a smart new look. You’ll be surprised at the difference replacing kitchen cupboard doors and decorative hinges can make (cupboard fronts).

Install a new faucet

You do not have to be a plumber to upgrade your kitchen faucet. As long as you know where the shutoff is located, you can have your new faucet up and running in no time.

Buy some fancy outlet covers and switch plates

This is an upgrade you can do in a matter of minutes, but it still makes a big difference. So, grab your screwdriver and get going.

Add some under-counter lights

Adding LED lights under the counter will give your kitchen a smart new look and make your meal preparation easier.

Put on a fresh coat of paint

Changing the colour of your kitchen is one of the simplest things you can do, but also one of the most effective. Whether you choose a sunny yellow, a perky orange or a more subdued change, you will love your new kitchen.

Add a stencilled border.

Once the paint has dried, grab your stencil kit and add a smart new border. You will love the way your kitchen looks.

Roll in a kitchen cart

If you do not have the time or the budget to install a central island in your kitchen, a simple cart can provide the same functionality. And unlike a static island, your kitchen cart can go wherever you need it.

You do not have to spend a fortune on replacing kitchen cupboard doors. If you have some extra time and a little bit of money, you can upgrade the look of your kitchen in no time, so you can spend more quality time with the people you love.

Clare Louise