Master the Art of Playing Baccarat with Bitcoin

Master the Art of Playing Baccarat with Bitcoin

If you are a James Bond fan, you must be aware that his favorite card game is Baccarat. So, what makes this game really popular besides this aforementioned fact, and how do you play it?

Fun, Fast and Rewarding

First things first. The correct way to pronounce Baccarat is with the ‘t’ silent. There is no proof to the roots of the game, but it was invented in Italy eons ago and popular amongst the aristocrats. The game is solely based on luck.

The game is famous all over the world and a set of a new audience have embraced the elegance and prestige of the game, the players who play via crypto casino services by the means of Bitcoin. The game appeals the players of high betting needs, lack of any strategy and chance-based nature of the game which has continued to make it thrive. It is fun as there are fewer rules involved which makes it fast paced as well which is unlike other crypto games. In other words, you can play more hands per hour and so many opportunities to win huge.

Win, lose or tie

The gist is to reach 9 by two cards. Either you can win, or the Banker can win, or it’s a tie. You can bet on any outcome, but before the cards are dealt. The numbers have their value except 10, Jack, King, and Queen, which are worth zero or Baccarat in Italian. Ace equals 1. Suits are irrelevant.

Cards are faced down. The first is the player, second the Banker and the same rule for second cards. If the former gets a 9 with a 10/Jack/King/Queen or two cards like a 4 and a 5, then it is Natural and the best hand. Cards up to 8 are the second best hand.

If two cards add more than 9, then the first digit is eliminated. So, 10 becomes 0, 11 becomes 1, and so on. A player can only draw a third card if the value of the first two is 0-5.

Danny White