Orthodontist in Mesa 

Orthodontist in Mesa 

Orthodontia is usually one of the most expensive items of childhood, besides college.  Parents can get blindsided by huge expenses they hadn’t planned on.  There is a lot to know about orthodontics before this expense hits the family.

There are many questions regarding children and their braces.  First and foremost is finding a good Mesa orthodontist.  A family wants to know that they can trust the person who will be working on their child’s bite and smile.  The changes to the child’s mouth are meant to last a lifetime, so parents want those changes to be done correctly.

Fortunately, this is one of the easier questions to answer.  Most times parents simply rely on their dentist for a referral.  If a family is happy with their dentist, it would make sense that they can trust his referral.  Also, the dentist will have had other children use this particular Mesa orthodontist so the dentist will be very familiar with his work.

Most parents think only about crooked teeth when they think about orthodontics.  But an orthodontist also deals with many other abnormalities of the teeth and the jaw.  Besides straightening teeth, an orthodontist will correct problems with a child’s bite.

When the teeth don’t align properly when a person bites down, it can be responsible for a whole host of other problems.  Not only is food not broken down properly, but also the child may have recurring headaches.  Parents may not know what is causing these headaches until they visit their orthodontist. In addition, orthodontists can use braces to close gaps between teeth.

When should children get braces?  The generally accepted answer is that usually it is better to do it sooner rather than later.  Having the teeth lined up properly ahead of time can guide proper jaw growth, which helps the permanent teeth come in properly, to begin with.

But this is exactly what the orthodontist is getting paid for – his expertise.  The orthodontist’s experience will tell him when is the best time to begin braces. A lot of it depends on exactly what the problem is.  Maybe there has been an accident, or maybe the child sucked his thumb as a baby.  Some of the problems might also be hereditary.

When permanent teeth are straight from the beginning it can help prevent dental problems as teenagers and adults.   A little known fact is that orthodontia can sometimes help prevent snoring.

What happens when a child goes to an orthodontist’s office?  The child can be reassured that going to an orthodontist is a lot like going to a dentist.  The orthodontist will probably take x-rays to find out where all the teeth are currently located.  It also shows if there are teeth that have not come through yet.

Then the orthodontist will probably make a mold of the child’s mouth.  This is an important part of deciding how to put on the braces.

Then the orthodontist will make his recommendations.  Sometimes teeth have to be removed to make room.  Sometimes nothing needs to be done until a later date.

Donald Phillips