Points To Know Before Using A Welding Machine

Points To Know Before Using A Welding Machine

The welding machine is an evolution of the methods of alloy and forging; it is used to generate a flame that heats two elements, through electricity, allowing us to create a durable and resistant union between them. Although the process is simple, to carry out welding properly, it is necessary to have certain information from the moment of purchase, so that you can choose one with all security and confidence.

If the machine you are choosing is AC (AC) or direct current (DC), the most advisable, for its efficiency and cost, is to opt for alternating current. Alternate current machines or Electric welding machines (เครื่อง เชื่อม ไฟฟ้ which is the term in thai) are better for repairs, which makes them an efficient and useful tool in reducing costs.

·         Work Cycle

The working cycle of all the welding machines is 10 minutes, within this cycle, there is a range of minutes in which you can operate with greater security and then you must let your equipment cool down. When the output current of a machine is reduced, its duty cycle increases, due to this it is recommended that you have an ammeter or voltmeter. This tool will allow you to measure the current output related to the working cycle of your machine.

If you do not have an ammeter or a voltmeter at home, it is best to buy it at the same time as the welding machine; you can even buy a welding machine that has a built-in voltmeter or voltage regulator.

·         Energy To Weld

The second thing you need is to remember that the welding machines work with electricity so that we will discuss some fundamental aspects related to them. The energy used by a welding machine comes from an arc of power; this electricity produces heat due to the resistance generated when the electrode and the work piece are separated. The strength and the amount of current that passes through the wire will have a direct influence on the speed of heat generation.

Alternating current machines, like the ones we have recommended, transform the current they receive (high voltage and low amperage) into a useful and safe type for welding, thanks to the system they have.