Points to Take into Consideration When Hiring Services of a Car Shipping Company

Points to Take into Consideration When Hiring Services of a Car Shipping Company

When you are shifting or embarking on a vacation to another state taking a long drive can be tiring. There are companies offering shipping vehicles across states and countries. They safely transport your vehicle to the required location. The convenience it offers has got many seeking for their services. Booking car transport services are straightforward.

Steps to book a car transport service:

  • Look for car shipping companies
  • Request for a free quote
  • Settle for a company that offers a reasonable deal
  • Book the service
  • Have your vehicle picked up at the pick-up location

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a car transport service:


Confirm the reputation and reliability of the company before short-listing it. Opt for registered companies that have good reviews. If you are looking for a car transport company to ship a car out of state in the US, reach out to Ship a Car, Inc. They are a top-rated brokering service who helps you find the best shipping company of your needs.

Prioritize quality over price:

If you have received quotes from several car service companies, you’d notice that the prices tend to vary by $200 between them. This is because some companies are large-scale and travel through several routes often while the expenses involved would be higher for small-scale transport services. High price doesn’t mean great service. Check the quality of the service.

Insurance coverage:

Ask for the transport company’s insurance company and check if the coverage offered is sufficient to cover damages that could occur during vehicle transit. If it isn’t sufficient and you’d like to increase the coverage, enquire about additional fee you’d have to pay.

Avoid paying deposits:

Generally reputable car transport services don’t require the customer to pay a deposit immediately after booking their services. Avoid paying deposit until your car has been loaded in the trailer.

Get necessary documents in order:

Car transport companies require certain documents like vehicle registration, insurance certificate etc before they can legally ship your car. Ensure you have all the necessary documents.

Proper inspection:

The shipping company is responsible for covering the expenses of damages that occur during transport. Before loading your vehicle in their truck, they’ll inspect it to check for dents and scratches and take note of it. Be present during the time of inspection and click photos so that you can use it to check for damages after delivery and raise an issue if any.

Explain about oddities:

If there are any technical problems in your car involving brakes, kill switches etc bring it to the attention of the driver who is transporting your vehicle so as to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Empty personal belongings from car:

While you may be tempted to load your personal belongings along with your car, the law prohibits shipping vehicles that contain personal household items while some companies have a cap on the maximum allowable weight of personal belongings. Moreover, the safety of your belonging cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to empty your car before loading it.

Avoid these mistakes when you are hiring car shipping services. Ship your car conveniently between states by choosing the right shipping company.

Danny White